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[[Category:Weapons in GTA Vice City]]
[[Category:Melee Weapons]]
[[Category:Melee Weapons]]
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[[Category:Weapons in GTA Vice City]]

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HUD icon of the Screwdriver


Tommy Vercetti with a Screwdriver in front of Screw This in a pre-release screenshot of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Unusable screwdriver props, GTA IV.

The Screwdriver is a melee weapon featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The screwdriver uses a stabbing motion and can be used to stab victims or damage vehicles. All hardware stores sell the screwdrivers for $10. The screwdriver appears in one mission: The Fastest Boat. It is held by one worker inside the Boatyard, at the switch where Tommy releases the boat.

Despite its small size and seemingly harmless apperance, the Screwdriver is a fairly good melee weapon. It can kill pedestrians in 1-3 stabs and rarely attracts a wanted level.



  • This is the second cheapest weapon in the Grand Theft Auto series, with the Baseball Bat costing only $5.
  • The Screwdriver, along with the MP5 and Hammer, does not spawn anywhere outside hardware stores.
  • The is a unused Screwdriver props in GTA IV, but is not useable as a weapon in the game.

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