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Trevor Phillips wearing a Scuba Suit.

The Scuba Suit is a set of clothes in Grand Theft Auto V.

They are required for when the player wishes to dive underwater, and can appear on some Boats, notably the Dinghy. They can be used for searching the depths and looking for things such as the treasure in Shipwrecks.

The Scuba Suit is also given to the player to wear freely after the game's storyline. However, it seems to be stricty used in the sea, and touching the ground will unwear the equipment. Also, the Scuba Suit only serves within the safe level of depth, meaning that doesn't prevent asphyxiation while is too far down. 



  • If a player is wearing Scuba Suit and drives any vehicle in deep water, the player will survive as long as the car doesn't sink too far down.
  • The Scuba Suit is not available in GTA Online. 
  • The Scuba Suit features an invisible light, which is very noticeable when aiming at dark places. The only exception is during Monkey Business, where the same light is visible.
  • The Scuba Suit doesn't require the Swimsuit to wear, unlike some missions where both are equipped simultaneously.


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