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Easter Eggs

  • Go to the Belleville park "Thrashin' RC". Then when you shoot it, it will keep staying still. If you jump on it, it will activate a Hidden Rampage, which won't count for 100% completion
  • You can see a memorial for Claude in Portland Island. Go to Hepburn Heights and go to the construction. Get to the Hidden Package and use a Sanchez or PCJ-600 to ride the way. Keep going till you reach a Unique Stunt Jump. You should land into the memorial. It will read "Claude was the drunk fella who pays no bill".
  • Salvatore has glasses, that can be seen when playing the mission "The Shoreside Redemption". In the cutscene where he enters the police van (if you have the BETA version) you will see his black glasses.
  • The Rockstar sign is hidden in Francis Intl. Airport. Go through the gates and get to the Police Vehicle, use a Sniper and look up in front. A faint R* will be seen
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