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The driver's Sentinel XS along with his corpse. Note that his appearance is randomised.

While playing Grand Theft Auto Online, some players may occasionally encounter a man driving in a black Sentinel XS. He can be encountered when the player returns to Free Mode after finishing a Job.

Unlike normal pedestrians, the driver has special characteristics that make him stand out. One characteristic is that the driver will never try to escape if there is a fight. Another characteristic is that the driver will not hesitate to run over the player, and can engage in a gunfight by sometimes pulling out a Pistol. These aggressive actions make the driver noticeable during gameplay.

While the Sentinel XS is the most common car for the NPC to drive, he will sometimes drive other cars as well, such as the Patriot, Dominator, Tailgater, and many other cars. However, whatever car he drives, it will always be black.

This special, scripted NPC is coded so he will spawn driving a car that is often requested by Simeon Yetarian. He always spawns when player joins a new session.


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