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She's a Keeper
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Game: Grand Theft Auto IV
For: Gerald McReary
Location: Alderney State Correctional Facility, Acter Industrial Park
Conditions of mission failure:
Gracie dies
Car destroyed
Unlocks: Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend
Unlocked by: ...I'll Take Her
"A friend of mine in here tells me that a close friend of yours, a girl you've been spending a lot of time with recently, swept her clean off her feet. Yeah, her old boyfriend wants her back."
Gerald McReary.

She's a Keeper is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV for Gerald McReary. Building off the earlier mission, and over the watched prison phone, Gerald tells Niko Bellic in code to move their prisoner Gracie Ancelotti from Leftwood to a different safehouse in Northwood, Algonquin, because the Ancelotti Family has finally tracked her down and is coming to save her.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Go to the safehouse
  • The Ancelottis are on to you, get to the safehouse quickly
  • Now take Gracie to the safehouse


Once you reach the old safehouse -- the same one that appeared when you kidnapped and took a photo of Gracie -- Gordon Sargent will throw her in the car and tell you to move her to Northwood. During the ride, the Ancelottis are chasing Niko with guns blazing. This mission requires some finesse behind the wheel; If Niko drives too recklessly, Gracie will break her neck and the mission fails. If Niko drives too slowly, the Ancelottis will accidentally shoot her and the mission fails. During the mission, Niko can hear Gracie screaming in the trunk. If she stops screaming, she may be dead. The player can, use drive-by method to defend himself and Gracie, particularly aiming Ancelotti's head. Drive carefully to the new safehouse. An alternate starting route allows Niko to get a head start on the Ancelottis. To use this shortcut, take a dirt road on the left, just past the garages, as Niko starts out. This shortcut will allow Niko to arrive at the freeway before the Ancelottis, and avoid the majority of the pursuing cars. After Niko and Gracie safely arrive at the new safehouse, Packie McReary comes out to watch Gracie, saying that Kate is doing Ma's duties, and the mission is complete.

Niko can also get out of the car and shoot through the cars (by first shooting the drivers then killing all the others in the cars) to eliminate the pursuing Ancelotti's, but it's easier and less time-consuming to simply outrun them.

Niko can also call Dwayne to send his goons to provide backup fire for Niko.

Video Walkthrough

GTA 4 - Mission 68 - She's a Keeper (1080p)07:52

GTA 4 - Mission 68 - She's a Keeper (1080p)


  • The mission is evidently linked to a mission in The Ballad of Gay Tony, "Ladies' Night", when Luis Fernando Lopez tracks down Gracie's whereabouts by following Patrick McReary's car from Meadows Park to the hostage's hideout in Leftwood, and then passing the information to the Ancelottis. What is left to be rather mysterious is why Luis wasn't sent to retrieve Gracie.
  • Gordon states that Gracie bit him when he was forcing Gracie into the car, but this is nearly impossible since firstly his hands were nowhere near her mouth at the time and secondly she had a gag in her mouth.
  • Either completing or failing the mission, the player can steal a unique Vincent, a LX2007 with a dark green paint-job.
  • The player can find the dirt path that starts just past the garages on the left. This takes down a hill, then left onto a sidewalk running alongside the freeway. Veer full speed onto the freeway to avoid three carloads of Ancelottis, who are waiting at the first intersection if the player follow the original yellow GPS route. The shortcut leaves only two Ancelotti cars to deal with, giving you (and Gracie) a better chance of survival.
  • You will be chased by a few Sentinel XS, some of them have the standard black/green paintjob but some also has a unique black/red paintjob. However, trying to steal one will cause you to fail the mission.
  • After you complete the mission, if the player goes back to the car, Gracie will not be seen in the trunk.
  • Also after finishing this mission, the player cannot do friend activities with Packie until the following mission has been completed.
  • This is the final appearance of Gordon Sargent.
  • If you kill Gracie and still make it to the rendevous, there will be an alternate scene. Packie will say that Gracie's neck broke and will tell Niko to control his driving.

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