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Shoreside Vale Safehouse LCS

The Shoreside Vale safehouse as it appears in GTA III.

The Shoreside Vale Safehouse is a safehouse for Toni Cipriani in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. The safehouse is located in Cedar Grove on Shoreside Vale. It has a garage which can store up to three vehicles. The safehouse is unlocked after completing the mission Love on the Rocks for Donald Love. The house is still standing in 2001, although it is no longer owned/used by Toni Cipriani.


  • Although the garage has a capacity of three cars, the player can still enter a fourth car in which it will permanently stay much like the Staunton Island Safehouse with a capacity of two cars plus a third. However, if the player tries to park a fifth car, one of the four cars, or the fifth car will instantly vanish.
  • Unlike interiors in previous games that are located elsewhere in the game world (i.e. Blue Hell), the interior of the Shoreside Vale Safehouse appears to be actually located within the home itself, as looking out the windows reveals the status of the driveway and street beyond as it was when Toni entered the safehouse (i.e. cars parked out front remain visible, damage done on the street, police presence).
  • It is possible to shoot people and destroy vehicles from within the safehouse by shooting through the windows with the sniper rifle. Other firearms will not work.

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