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Simmet Alley is a back alley shopping path in Grand Theft Auto V located in Textile City, Los Santos. It is based on Santee Alley, in Los Angeles' Fashion District.

This multicultural shopping venue is home to counterfeits selling a variety of products, possibly even stolen or bootleg items, and like its real-life counterpart, also occasionally known for illegal trade.


  • Bay Ladies
  • Bean Machine
  • Beauty Supplies
  • Cap It All City
  • Dandies
  • Discount Fabrics Wholesale
  • Garbs
  • Gyro Day Hot Food
  • Lace In The Sun
  • Lace Of Diamonds
  • Shoe Da Man!
  • The Silk Sheikh
  • Simmet Ally's Upholstery & Drapery Fabrics
  • Simmet Fabrics
  • SND. Textiles
  • Total Pants
  • Total Stitch Up
  • Touching Cloth
  • Wall Fabric

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