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Appearance(s): GTA IV
Full name: Unknown
Also known as: Slimeball
Status: Player's choice
Gender: Male
Home: Broker, Liberty City
Nationality: American
Family: Anna Faustin (ex-girlfriend)
Voiced by: Unknown
"Why does every Russian in this city call me that?"
―Slimeball to Niko Bellic.

Slimeball is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto IV.



After the death of Anna Faustin's first boyfriend, she began dating a man referred to as "Slimeball" by Russian immigrants in Broker.

Events of GTA IV

Ilyena Faustin, Anna's mother, is not pleased that her daughter dates Slimeball, fearing that he'll turn her into a stripper, or worse. When Niko Bellic encounters her, Ilyena asks him to help save her daughter by scaring off Slimeball.

Upon meeting Slimeball, three choices can be made:

  • Beat up: Niko beats up Slimeball. Slimeball agrees to break up with Anna and leave her alone. Ilyena will call Niko, thanking him for his help.
  • Kill: Niko kills Slimeball. Afterwards, Ilyena calls him, angrily scolding him for killing another man in Anna's life.
  • Running away: Niko lets Slimeball escape without punishment. Afterwards, Ilyena calls Niko, sadly telling him that Anna ran away, and thus she no longer has a family.


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