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Snapmatic is a photo-sharing app featured in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. It is likely based on Instagram, an online photo-sharing, video-sharing, and social networking service. The logos are similar as well. The name may be a parody of the video messaging application Snapchat.

Players can use Snapmatic via the in-game phone to take and upload pictures to the Social Club (You must have Social Club account to save photos). Just like Instagram, players can "hashtag" (#) their photos on the Social Club site. For example, one may type "#LosSantos". As of December 24, Snapmatic has received brand new features, including depth of field adjustment, filters, and even a meme-maker, which makes it even more like Instagram.

Occasionally, there will be Snapmatic photo contents held on the Social Club. These contests have a certain theme, and the prizes for winning range from money gifts in-game to real-life souvenirs. Users can enter these contests by hashtagging their pictures with a certain phrase (#ThanksCargobob for example).



The alternate Snapmatic logo.

  • Snapmatic appears to have two different versions of its yellow camera logo.
  • While saving a photo to the server, it will automatically synchronise the Bawsaq website and your Game Progress to your Social Club account.
  • You aren't allowed to use Snapmatic while in cover.
  • The time stamp border always shows the time as 0069 regardless of the actual in-game time. This is simply another case of Rockstar's affinity for sexual humor.
  • As pedestrians have the ability to record videos of the crimes of protagonists, the player themselves can only take simple pictures. Although in the mission Fame or Shame, Trevor is seen recording a video of Lazlow's pantless dance and even says he's "got it all on (his) phone". Lazlow later confirms this on his Bleeter that "the video of the dance is blurry".
  • As of the 1.16 patch update, players were able to double tap up on the D-Pad as a shortcut to open Snapmatic. This was modified with the 1.17 patch update in which it can be turned on or off.





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