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Snatched is a random event which activates at a specific location on South Mo Milton Drive in Vinewood Hills. This mission can be attempted by any of the three player characters. 


If the player arrives quickly enough he spots two members of The Lost Brotherhood carrying a girl against her will. They load the girl in a Gang Burrito. The player can prevent the van from escaping by shooting its driver dead. Otherwise, the van speeds to the East Vinewood headquarters of The Lost. To rescue the girl, stop the van and kill its three Lost brothers before they reach their HQ. After all three are dead, the girl will leave the van, express her gratitude, and ask for a ride to Chumash.

Along the way, she will describe her life with the Lost as a "commitment," implying that she suffered prolonged gang rape. She will also make a phone call and speak in an evasive tone. 

About halfway to Chumash, a pair of motorcycles with two Brothers on each vehicle will intercept. Their bikes are fast enough to catch the fastest car (though a captured bike may not be particularly fast for the player character), and the Brothers have excellent marksmanship with their shotguns; the player must shoot them down quickly to prevent mission failure. It is best to have a Micro-SMG or other automatic firearm.

If the bikers are defeated, the girl will admit that the Brothers on South Mo Milton were actually her uncles and she had stolen money from them. If her rescuer is Trevor, he will be impressed. Franklin or Michael will react less favorably; Franklin in particular will consider her "cold." 

The mission ends when the player character arrives at the Chumash destination. The girl goes to a house and is not seen again. However, if the player is Trevor, he can choose to take her to the Altruist Cult instead.

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