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Sobell Rail Yards

Brown Streak Railroad station

Platforms 1
Tracks 2
Location Las Venturas
Next Station (north) Yellow Bell Station
Next Station (south) Linden Station

The platform of the Sobell Rail Yards halt, with an approaching Freight train.

The Sobell Rail Yards are a grouping of storage buildings for trains located in eastern Las Venturas, San Andreas, and are part of the Brown Streak Railroad. It is named for Morton Sobell, an American-born Soviet spy during the 1940s.


Located just north from Linden Station, the rail yard consists of six sheds connected to six lines branching out of the mainline, the Sobell Rail Yards contain no trains, are never visited by trains moving along the local railroad, and exist solely as a seemingly unused storage medium for locomotives.

Immediately adjacent to the rail yards is a small platform with ticket machines at which all trains will stop, although not an actual designated train station. All passengers appear to de-train, but none board here, and it is not one of the required stops when performing rail delivery missions. However, there is sometimes a randomly generated civilian model "buying" a ticket from the machine here.



  • When passengers disembark the train they take a rather unsafe journey toward the thruway. Most will end up being hit by cars as they continue to walk into oncoming traffic, those that manage to make it across the road end up getting suck at the barrier that separates the thurway from the city streets.
  • A ticket vending machine acts as the station's only amenity.

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