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Well-known Liberty City Socialite Cloe Parker

Throughout Grand Theft Auto IV and in fictional in-game TV show's like I'm Rich and Fizz! celebrities and socialites in Liberty City have become popular and well-known in real-life media.


Cloe Parker is a socialite celebutante and near-trillioniare heiress. Cloe is a leading figure on the Liberty City party circuit and her every exploit is commonly discussed in the media, gossip tabloids, internet-based celebrity websites etc. Many believe that Cloe is a cocaine addict.

Jill Von Crastenburg is a teenage socialite and heiress to the extremely rich Von Crastenburg Family she is a frequent fixture on the club-scene and has ruled the Liberty City party circuit since her 11th birthday. Jill is 13 years old but has some disturbing achievements an adult wouldn't be proud of such as a sex tape made with a valet of the hotel she was staying at, multiple sexually transmitted diseases and the fact that she hasn't worn underwear since the late 1990s. Jill is very famous for her age and is apparently one of the most photographed celebrities in the world, she also is said to suffer from an unspecified eating disorder and to be a cocaine addict.

January Natasha Vasquez is a cocaine addicted daughter of a millionaire drug baron from Mexico, she is very famous in Liberty City for living a heavy vapid lifestyle. She is considered to be exceptionally stupid apparently not even knowing how to chew her own food (she has a butler for that) believes that the month was named after her.

Possible Inspirations

  • Paris Hilton - Jill Von Crastenburg, famous teenage celebrity with a sex tape filmed in night-vision, she's from a very wealthy family and is one of the world's most photographed people.
  • Kim Kardashian - January Natasha Vasquez, successful model and infamous party girl.
  • Nicole Richie - Cloe Parker, famously out-of-control and reckless, daughter of a near-trillionaire.
  • Britney Spears- Cloe Parker, eccentric marriage record.


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