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"Meeting your vehicular needs."
―Slogan is a vehicles sales website in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online, where it is possible to buy different types of vehicles on the in-game Internet.

As of Update 1.14, every Story Mode protagonists' personal vehicles are available to purchase in GTA Online.


Exclusive Stock

Type Name Single Player Price Online Price Availability Image
Muscle Imponte Dukes $62,000 Online Only(Enhanced Version) DukesGTA5
Sports Dinka Blista Compact $42,000 Online Only(Enhanced Version) BlistaCompact-GTAV
Muscle Declasse Stallion $71,000 Online Only(Enhanced Version) Stallion
Motorcycles Shitzu Hakuchou $82,000 Online Only ShitzuHakuchou-GTAV-Front
Motorcycles LCC Innovation $92,500 Online Only Innovation-GTAV-Front
Off-Road Canis Kalahari Topless $51,000 Online Only Kalahari-topless-front-gtav
Motorcycles Western Sovereign $120,000 Online Only WMCSovereign-Front-GTAV
Sports Classics Lampadati Pigalle $400,000 Online Only Pigalle-GTAV-front
Muscle Vapid Blade $160,000 Online Only VapidBlade-Front-GTAV
Sedans Vulcar Warrener $120,000 Online Only VulcarWarrener-Front-GTAV
Sedans Benefactor Glendale $200,000 Online Only GlendaleV
Compacts Declasse Rhapsody $140,000 Online Only DeclasseRhapsody-Front-GTAV
Compacts Benefactor Panto $85,000 Online Only BenefactorPanto-Front-GTAV
Muscle Bravado Rat-Loader $6,000 Online Only Rat Loader Stock Front
Off-Road BF Bifta $75,000 Online Only Bifta-GTAV-Front
Off-Road Canis Kalahari $40,000 Online Only Kalahari-GTAV-Front
Vans Bravado Paradise $25,000 Online Only Paradise-GTAV-Front

2 Door

Type Name Single Player Price Online Price Availability Image
Sports Benefactor Schwartzer $80,000 $80,000 Story Mode and Online Schwartzer-GTAV-Front
Coupes Übermacht Zion $50,000 $60,000 Story Mode and Online ÜbermachtZionXS-Front-GTAV
Coupes Übermacht Zion Cabrio $65,000 Online Only Zion front down
Muscle Bravado Gauntlet $32,000 $32,000 Story Mode and Online BravadoGauntlet-Front-GTAV
Muscle Declasse Vigero $21,000 $21,000 Story Mode and Online VigeroGTAVFront
Compacts Weeny Issi $18,000 $18,000 Story Mode and Online WeenyIssi1-Front-GTAV
Muscle Vapid Dominator $35,000 Online Only VapidDominator-GTAV-Front
Coupes Ocelot F620 $80,000 Online Only OcelotF620-Front-GTAV
Sports Schyster Fusilade $36,000 Online Only SchysterFusilade-Front-GTAV
Sports Maibatsu Penumbra $24,000 Online Only Penumbra-GTAV-front
Coupes Übermacht Sentinel XS $60,000 Online Only SentinelXS-GTA5-Front
Coupes Übermacht Sentinel Convertible $95,000 Online Only Sentinel-GTAV-Front


Type Name Single Player Price Online Price Availability Image
Super Pegassi Infernus $440,000 Story Mode Only Infernus-GTAV-Front
Sports Benefactor Surano $99,000 Story Mode Only Surano-GTAV-Front
Super Pegassi Vacca $240,000 Story Mode Only PegassiVacca-Front-GTAV
Sports Obey 9F $120,000 Story Mode Only 9F-GTAV-Front-NotCabrio
Sports Pfister Comet $85,000 Story Mode Only PfisterComet-Front-GTAV
Sports Bravado Banshee $90,000 Story Mode Only BravadoBanshee2-Front-GTAV
Sports Benefactor Feltzer $145,000 Story Mode Only Feltzer-GTAV-Front


Type Name Single Player Price Online Price Availability Image
Off-Road BF Injection $16,000 $16,000 Story Mode and Online BFInjection-Front-GTAV
Off-Road Vapid Sandking XL $45,000 $45,000 Story Mode and Online VapidSandkingXL-GTAV-Front
Off-Road Vapid Sandking SWB $38,000 Online Only Vapid Sandking SWB
Vans Bravado Bison $30,000 Online Only BravadoBison-Front-GTAV
Off-Road Canis Bodhi $25,000 Online Only Bodhi-GTAV-Front-Trevor
Off-Road BF Dune Buggy $20,000 Online Only BF Dune Buggy Front
Off-Road Karin Rebel $3,000 Online Only Karin Rebel Front
Off-Road Karin Rebel(Clean) $22,000 Online Only KarinRebel-GTAV-Clean-Front
Utility Vapid Sadler $35,000 Online Only VapidSadler-Front-GTAV
Off-Road Declasse Rancher XL $9,000 Online Only DeclasseRancherXL-Front1-GTAV

4 Door

Type Name Single Player Price Online Price Availability Image
Sedans Cheval Fugitive $24,000 $24,000 Story Mode and Online Fugitive-GTAV-Front
Compacts Karin Dilettante $25,000 $25,000 Story Mode and Online KarinDilettante-GTAV-Front
Sedans Declasse Asea $12,000 Online Only AseaGTAVFront
SUVs Declasse Granger $35,000 Online Only Granger-GTA5-Front
Sedans Vulcar Ingot $9,000 Online Only VulcarIngot-Front-GTAV
Sedans Karin Intruder $16,000 Online Only KarinIntruder-Front-GTAV
Vans Vapid Minivan $30,000 Online Only VapidMinivan-Front-GTAV
Sedans Declasse Premier $10,000 Online Only DeclassePremier-GTAV-frontview
SUVs Vapid Radius $32,000 Online Only VapidRadius-Front-GTAV
Sedans Vapid Stanier $10,000 Online Only VapidStanier-GTAV-Front
Sedans Zirconium Stratum $10,000 Online Only ZirconiumStratum-GTAV-Front
Sedans Albany Washington $15,000 Online Only AlbanyWashington-Front-GTAV
Sedans Karin Asterope $26,000 Online Only Asterope-GTAV-Front
Sedans Dundreary Regina $8,000 Online Only Regina-GTAV-Front
Vans BF Surfer $11,000 Online Only BFSurfer-Front-GTAV
Vans Bravado Youga $16,000 Online Only Youga-GTAV-Front
Sedans Albany Primo $9,000 Online Only AlbanyPrimo-Front-GTAV
Sports Bravado Buffalo $35,000 Online Only Buffalo-GTAV-Front
Sports Bravado Buffalo S $96,000 Online Only BuffaloS-GTAV-Front-Franklin
Sedans Obey Tailgater $55,000 Online Only Tailgater-GTA5-Front


Type Name Single Player Price Online Price Availability Image
Sedans Enus Super Diamond $250,000 Story Mode Only EnusSuperDiamond-Front-GTAV
Coupes Dewbauchee Exemplar $205,000 Story Mode Only Exemplar-GTAV-Front
SUVs Gallivanter Baller $90,000 $90,000 Story Mode and Online Baller2-GTAV-Front
SUVs Albany Cavalcade $60,000 $60,000 Story Mode and Online AlbanyCavalcade1-Front-GTAV
SUVs Albany Cavalcade $70,000 Online Only AlbanyCavalcade2-Front-GTAV
Vans Vapid Bobcat XL $23,000 Online Only VapidBobcatXL-Front-GTAV
SUVs Obey Rocoto $85,000 $85,000 Story Mode and Online Rocoto-GTAV-Front
Coupes Lampadati Felon $100,000 $90,000 Story Mode and Online Felon-GTAV-Front
Coupes Lampadati Felon GT $95,000 Online Only FelonGT-GTAV-Front
Coupes Übermacht Oracle $80,000 Online Only Ubermacht Oracle
Sedans Dundreary Stretch $30,000 Online Only Stretch-GTAV-Front


Type Name Single Player Price Online Price Availability Image
Motorcycles Pegassi Bati 801 $10,000 $15,000 Story Mode and Online PegassiBati801-Front-GTAV
Motorcycles Shitzu Hakuchou $82,000 Online Only ShitzuHakuchou-GTAV-Front
Motorcycles LCC Innovation $92,500 Online Only Innovation-GTAV-Front
Motorcycles Pegassi Bati 801RR $15,000 Online Only Bati801RR-Redwood-Front-GTAV
Motorcycles Pegassi Ruffian $10,000 $10,000 Story Mode and Online PegassiRuffian-Front-GTAV
Motorcycles Shitzu Vader $9,000 $9,000 Story Mode and Online ShitzuVader-Front-GTAV
Off-Road Nagasaki Blazer $8,000 $8,000 Story Mode and Online NagasakiBlazer-Front-GTAV
Off-Road Nagasaki Hot Rod Blazer $69,000 Online Only HotrodATV-Front-GTAV
Motorcycles Shitzu PCJ-600 $9,000 $9,000 Story Mode and Online PCJ700 GTA V
Motorcycles Maibatsu Sanchez (Livery) $7,000 $7,000 Story Mode and Online Sanchez-GTAV-Front-PatriotBeer
Motorcycles Maibatsu Sanchez 2 $8,000 Online Only Sanchez no livery
Motorcycles Principe Faggio $5,000 $5,000 Story Mode and Online Faggio-GTAV-Front
Motorcycles Dinka Akuma $9,000 $9,000 Story Mode and Online DinkaAkuma-GTAV
Motorcycles Dinka Double-T $12,000 Online Only DoubleTfront GTA V
Motorcycles LCC Hexer $15,000 Online Only Hexer-GTAV


  • In GTA V, the Vacca is listed in the website, and also in However, there's no difference between them. Also applies to the 9F.

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