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Franklin and Omega in the mission The Final Frontier.

Spaceship Parts are a collectible in Grand Theft Auto V. There are fifty parts scattered throughout San Andreas. Collecting all fifty rewards the player with the special Space Docker vehicle and the achievement "From Beyond The Stars".

The Spaceship parts become available for collecting after Franklin meets with Omega during the mission Far Out. After collecting all 50 parts the mission The Final Frontier will become available. Although these missions are for Franklin only, Michael and Trevor can help collect the Spaceship Parts.

The locations of all fifty parts, including those the player has not found, are available to players with a Rockstar Social Club account; they can be viewed under the "Checklist" tab.



A spaceship part in GTA V.

Spaceship Parts are small, glowing objects that are usually well-hidden inside buildings, crevices, rooftops, or underwater. They emit a slight humming sound that can be heard when the player is nearby. This is useful for finding them.

Some parts can be reached on foot while others can only be accessed via helicopter. A small helicopter such as the Buzzard is suitable for this job. The only problem with this however is the fact that some parts are hidden in underground places such as the subways. If the player is skilled enough a Buzzard could be driven, but it is very risky.


  • While the source of these space ship parts is never explicitly revealed, Omega mentions that they were debris or perhaps cargo spilled from a UFO that crashed recently. This could possibly be a reference to the sunken UFO which can be found at the bottom of the ocean off the coast of Paleto Bay. This sunken UFO merely serves as an easter egg to players.
  • The spaceship parts are mentioned in an internet article from Daily Globe after the mission Three's Company, the article reports that a group of alien hunters and ufologists believes that a spaceship has fallen in the Grand Senora Desert and spread its wreckage across half of the state.


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GTA 5 - Spaceship Parts Location Guide From Beyond the Stars Achievement Trophy54:38

GTA 5 - Spaceship Parts Location Guide From Beyond the Stars Achievement Trophy


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