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"Cocksure" Chris Cummings to Adrenalin
Adrenaline to Arms Out of Harm's Way
Arms Race to Beaverhead Ave
Becky Sue to Bohan Industrial
Bohan Line to Butterfly Street
Buyer's Market to Characters
Characters In The Ballad Of Gay Tony to Cluckin' Bell
Cluckin Bell to Custom Vehicle License Plate
Custom Vehicle License Plates to Die Already 4
Diego to East Beach
East Beach Freeway Extension to FIB SUV
FIDL to Francis International Airport, Dukes
Francis International Airport, Shoreside Vale to GTA San Andreas Cheats
GTA San Andreas Cheats (PS2) to Grand Opening
Grand Senora Desert to Handgun
Handling to Hot Wheels (GTA A)
Hot Wheels (GTA LCS) to Jacob
Jacob's Ladder to Juju Scramble
Juju Scramble/Walkthrough to Lamar Down
Lampadati to
Libros Sucios to Luis Francesco
Luis Guzman to Masks
Mass Grave to Modding
Model Car to Newport Multistorey CarPark
Newport Multistory Car Park to PJ Sosko
PLC Communication to Phone 17 - Part 1
Phone 17 - Part 2 to Portland Island Safehouse (III)
Portland Island Safehouse (LCS) to Ransom (GTA III)
Ransom (GTA IV) to Rollercoaster Ride
Rollin' Heights Ballas to Sandra Tito
Sandy Shores to Single Bills
Single Player to Stevie
Stevie's Car Theft Missions to Taxi (mission)
Taxi Company to The Pilgrim's Pantry
The Pilgrim's Pantry. to Trailer: Tanker
Trailer Park Mafia to VCPD Maverick
VCPD WinterGreen to Vulcar
Vulgari to World Lightweight Championship
World of Coq to Üder Milkén

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