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"Cocksure" Chris Cummings to Abraham Hampton
Abstract Grooves to
Angie Pegorino to Balloons
Ballot Paper Factory to Billy
Billy (GTA A) to Bridge of Death
Bridger St to Canals (Deathmatch)
Cancelled games to Cheat
Cheat Code to Cok
Cok O Pops to Crusher
Cruz Vormen to Derek the Dodo
Derelict Motel to Drug Dealer's Apartment
Drug Dealers to Engine Failure (GTA V)
Engine Failure (lesson) to Final Destination
Final Destination (Race) to From Zero to Hero
Front Page Bar to Gambling Den
GameBoy to Grand Theft Auto: London, 1969
Grand Theft Auto: London 1961 to Hang Ten
Hang Yu to Homebrew Café to Introductory Missions
Intruder to Joel Stahlman
Joey to Kisses
Kith and Skin Club to Legal Eagle (Deathmatch)
Legal Trouble to Lloyd
Lloyd Floyd to MW
Ma'am to Mayoralty of Liberty City in GTA III Era to Mohawk Avenue Apartment Complex
Mohegan Avenue to Neurotic Toys
Nevada to Oscar Wild
Osmosis Radio to Perry Silver
Perseus to Poland
Polaris V8 to Quarry Missions
Quarry Quarry to Remote satchel charges
RenderWare to Ruiner
Rules to Schafter 2nd Generation?
Schelchberg to Skoiloine
Skumole Shack to Steinway Beer Garden
Steinway Beer Gardens to Take Two Interactive
Taken For A Ride to The Hospital Dash
The Hot Coffee Fiasco to To Victor, the Spoils to Tyler Hughes
Tyler Pickrel to Vercetti
Vercetti-Gang to Water
Water.dat to Yardie Lobo
Yardies to Üder Milkén

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