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"Cocksure" Chris Cummings to Achievements in The Lost and Damned
Acid to Applejack Street
Applewhite St to Bawsaq Building
Bay Bar to Blotto's
Blow Fish to Bulgarin Crime Syndicate
Bulgarin Family to Castle Garden City
Castle Gardens to Citizens United Negating Technology
City to Crate Drops
Crates to Deconstruction
Deconstruction/Walkthrough to Dragon Heart Plaza
Dragon Outfit to Ending
Endings in GTA IV to Fire truck
Firefighter to G-Spotlight
G.I. Jones to Gateway Motel
Gaulle to Grand Theft Auto clone
Grand Theft Auto games to Heli Checkpoint
Heli Hell to I Say/You Say
I Scream, You Scream to Jerry
Jerry (GTA III) to Katt Williams
Kaufman Cab to Lavanderia
Law to Little Bitches
Little Bitchz Inc to MP10
MP3 Player to Maze Bank Arena
Maze Bank Survival to Monique
Monkey Business to Nightclubs
Nightstick to PSP
PSP wish lists to Phone 18-Part 1
Phone 18-Part 2 to Portland Ferry Terminal
Portland Harbor to Rancid Dragon
Rand Avenue to Rockstar New England
Rockstar North to San Chianski Mountain Range
San Felis Hotel to Shoreside Vale Police Station
Shoreside Vale Safehouse to Stanley
Stanley (character) to Tahir Saaed
Tahir Saeed to The Legion (Multiplayer Group)
The Leone Family to Tony
Tony's Apartment to Unique Stunt Jumps in GTA San Andreas
Unique Stunt Jumps in San Andreas to Vice Sights
Vice Squad to Wheeler-Dealing!
Wheelie to Üder Milkén

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