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"Cocksure" Chris Cummings to Acter
Acter Bridge to Arcadius Business Center
Archie Crisp to Bayside Marina
Bayside Tunnel to Blue Brothers
Blue Ghawar to Bullwhip Fury
Bullworth to Cathay Theater
Cathy Trien to Clappers
Clarence Little to Crews/British Crusaders
Crews/Dads Hideout to Dell
Delores to Droppin' Bombs
Dropping In... to Erik Frandsen
Eris to Fixed-Wing Aircraft
Fixter to GTA: CW
GTA: Chinatown Wars to Get Stretch
Get ZitZaki! to Greenwich Parkway
Greenwood to Hexer
Hi-Lo to Inchon Avenue
Independence Day Special to Jimmy Hopkins
Jimmy Kand to Kill Phil
Kill Phil: Part 2 to Leigh Rose
Leila Sharpe to Lombank Tower
Lompoc Avenue to Maibatsu Monstrosity
Maibatsu Sports Coupé to Merryweather
Merryweather Helicopter Pickup to Mount Vinewood Drive
Mount Zonah Medical Center to North Rockford Drive
North Tudor Medical Center to Pappy
Parachute to Pig Pen
Pigalle to
Principe to Red Desert Avenue
Red Dessert Avenue to Route B
Route C to Saving Ryan's Privates
Sawed-off Shotgun to Slick-O-Lard Sex Grease
Slim Skills to Street
Street Criminals to Tee Pee Motel
Telephone Hill to The Serrated Edge
The Sexy, 100% Unofficial (but should be noticed), Wishlist for GTA 5 to TransFender
TransFenders to V Rock
Vacca to Vulture
W. Elipse Blvd to Woodfellas
Woodside to Üder Milkén

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