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"Cocksure" Chris Cummings to Acid
Acter to Appropriate Associates
Arachnid to Bayano
Baygor to Blow Up III
Blow Your Cover to Bullet
Bullet Bus & Coach Line to Casual Encounters
Casual Outfit to City Hall (San Fierro)
City Hall (Staunton Island) to Create a Mission
Create a thread to Deimos ST
Deity to Drinking
Drive-By to Entourage
Enus to First-Person View
First Aid to GNU FDL
GNU Free Documentation License to General Store
Genic to Grapeseed Farmers Market
Grapeseed Main Street to Helmet
Helmut's European Autos to Iggy Pop
Iglesia Pentecostes to Jetpack
Jetsam to Kemeny Street
Ken Dellamonica to Leaf Link Golfers
Leaf Links to Little Seoul Tower
Little Tea Pot to Machine gun
Mackerel Factory to Expand to Medicate Me
Medicine and Healthcare: Zaibatsu Release Equanox to More Deadly Than the Male
More Gore to NoBigWillie
No 1 Desert to Paleto Forest
Paleto Forest Sawmill to Phone 43
Phone 44 to Power Station!
Power Street to Rat Loader
Rat Race to Roman's Taxi
Roman Bellic to Sanders Motorcycles
Sandking to Sindacco Abattoir
Sindacco Argento to Steal SWAT Van!
Steal The Wheels to Tank Top
Tanked Up to The Mars Gas Corporation
The Martin Serious Show to Torrington
Torrington Skyscraper to Unnamed Supercar
Unnamed Town to Vinewood (HD Universe)
Vinewood Bail Bonds to Wigwam Burger
Wiki News/Sandbox to Üder Milkén

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