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"Cocksure" Chris Cummings to Abner Horowitz
About to Angels of Death lieutenant to Ballas in GTA V era
Ballas in HD Universe to Bill Anthony
Bill Binder to Brian Jeremy's Biker Gang
Brian Jeremy's Safehouse to Callisto Apartments
Callum Crayshaw to Charlie Dilson
Charlie Murphy to Clucking bell
Clucky to Criminal Ratings in GTA Liberty City Stories
Criminal Ratings in GTA San Andreas to Del Perro Pier
Del Perro Pier Beach Maintenance Department to Dr. Phillips
Dr. Steven Von Singer to Elgin Avenue
Elgin House to Federal Bureau of Investigation
Federal Investigation Bureau to Fred's Store
Fred Armisen to GTA London 1961
GTA London 1969 to Golf
Golf (GTA V) to Guido Zenitalia
Gulag Garden to High School!
High Stakes, Low Rider to Impossible Trinity
Impotent Rage to Jerry
Jerry (GTA III) to Karin Dilettante
Karin Futo to Laréllas Bakery
Las Barrancas to Licence Plates in GTA IV
License Plate to Love Wagon
Love and Bullets to Marlowe Drive
Marlowe Vineyards to Military Hardware/Soundtrack
Miljet to Mugger
Mule to Objects
Observatory (Deathmatch) to Paradise FM
Paradiso to Pier 69 (mission)/Walkthrough
Pier Pressure to Predator (mission)
Predator (mission)/Soundtrack to Randolph Industrial Estate
Random Biker to Rockford
Rockford Dorset Hotel to Sam (Liberty City Stories)
Sam Austin to Seymour Reamer
Seymour Reamers to Southside Hoods
Southside Hoods War to Subway (GTA IV)
Subway Car to Tetsuo
Text Message Cars to The Professor
The Psycho to Tow truck
Tower Way to Unnamed Asian Woman
Unnamed Attack Helicopter to Victor
Victor Manzano to Wet Ski
Wet Work to Übermacht
Üdder Milken to Üder Milkén

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