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"Cocksure" Chris Cummings to Abraham Hampton
Abstract Grooves to Angie Pegorino
Angus to Ballie Station
Balloon to Bill Durzbum
Bill Fichtner to Brian Robinson
Brian Sack to Cam's Can Openers
Cam-Pain to Chase Point Warehouse
Chasers to Coasting
Cobbs Store to Criterion Games
Criterion Software to Deleted Races in GTA Online
Deletion to
Dragunov to Ellery Street
Elmo to Feltzer
Femi Kuti to Free Mode
Free Roam to GTA V/Trailer
GTA VC to Governor Greg R. Smith Houses
Gozushi to HVY Cutter
Habaneri to Hipster Happy Hour
Hired Muscle to Industrialize (Deathmatch)
Industries Company to Jill Von Crastenburg
Jill van Crastenburg to Keith
Keith Ham Yel Tun to Last Train in Los Santos
Last Will and Testament to Lino Friddell
Lion Statue to Luis Guzmán
Luis Lopez to Mary-Beth Williams
Mary-Jo's Apartment to Miss Understood
Miss Weinstock to Musket
Muskteer Avenue to Offroad Races
Oficina Postal to Paul Civille
Paul Marchiando to Pirates In Men's Pants Safehouse
Pirates in Men's Pants to Procedural Assassin Missions
Processed to Ray
Ray's Goon to Rollo Tomassi
Roman to San Fierro City Hall
San Fierro Fire Station to Shiroto to Spinybed
Spittoon to Supply Street
Suppressing Fire (Deathmatch) to The Chase
The Chauffeur's Clothes to The Von Crastenburg Family
The Von Crastenburg Mansion to Trevor's Enigma
Trevor's Trailer to VCPD Enforcer
VCPD HQ to Vinewood Video
Vinewood Walk of Fame to William Angio
William Angis to Üder Milkén

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