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"Cocksure" Chris Cummings to Achievements in The Lost and Damned
Acid to Applejack Street
Applewhite St to Bawsaq Building
Bay Bar to Bloodring Banger
Blotto's to Bulgarin's House
Bulgarin Bratva to Castle Drive
Castle Garden to Citizens Raging Against Phones
Citizens Understand Medieval Games Undermine Loving Parents to Crank Up the Volume
Crapi to Decker Street
Declan Mulvey to Dr. Phillips
Dr. Steven Von Singer to Empire State Building
Empire State Building in 3D Universe to Fire Escape
Fire Extinguisher to Funland
Furore GT to Gas Station
Gas Stations to Grand Theft Auto VCS
Grand Theft Auto V Collector's Edition to Heavy Weapons
Heavy Weapons X to I Am Philosophy
I Didn’t Do It Bail Bonds to Jenny and Sarah Lezbo Adventure
Jeremiah James to Karma Bus
Karmageddon to Last Train in Los Santos
Last Will and Testament to Liquor Mart
Lisa Lynn to M82
MAC-10 to May
May-Beth-Lou-Sarah-Jane Hootie to Molotov Cocktail
Molotov cocktail to Nick Lancaster
Nick Yakar to PIT maneuver
PIT technique to Phone 11-Part 1
Phone 11-Part 2 to Portal:Vehicles/left
Portal:Vehicles/right to Ramon Ayala
Ramon Jenkins to Rockshore East
Rockshore Wedding Chapel to San Andreas Park Ranger
San Andreas Parking Counsel to Shoe Star
Shogun Showdown to St. Marks
St. Mary's Community Project to TV
TV Shows in GTA IV to The High Roller
The Hills to Tom Sizemore
Tom Tammi to Undercover Cheetah
Undercover Lover to Vice City Public Radio
Vice City Stories to Westdyke Memorial hosptial
Western Company to Üder Milkén

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