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Ca$h StoreCabbie
CacaCaddyCaddy Daddy
Caesars Auto ParkingCaesars PlaceCafe Metropolitan
Caffeine Rush
Café RedemptionCafé Robina
Café Under the TreeCafé Vespucci
Caida Libre
Caipira AirwaysCalafia BridgeCalafia Road
Calais Avenue
CalcThisCalcium StreetCaleb
Caligula's Palace
Caligula's Palace WarCall and CollectCallahan Bridge
Callahan PointCalle 8 CafeteriaCalligari
Callista BrownCallisto ApartmentsCallum Crayshaw
Calm Before the StormCalton Heights
Calton Heights SafehouseCam's Can Openers
Cam-PainCam JonesCam O'Flarge
Camden Avenue
CameraCamilo LaraCampaign Rumpo
CanadaCanals (Deathmatch)
Candice JohnsonCandy
Candy's AgentCandy Barr
Candy BoxCandy Store
Candy SuxxxCane
CanisCannon FodderCanny Bus Group
CanonCanyonCanyon Entertainment
Cap the CollectorCapcom
Cape CatfishCape Catfish (Deathmatch)Capital Autos
Capital BoulevardCapital City
CapolavoroCaporegimeCaptain's Log
Car-azy Car Give AwayCar Bomb
Car Jack CityCar Jacking Back in Vogue
Car SalesmanCar Scrapyard
Car TheftsCar Tune Network
Car Wash
Cara DelevingneCarbine Rifle
Carbine RiflesCarbon RS
Carcer CityCarcer City UnicornsCarcer Gas
Carcer WayCarcols.dat
CareyCargo (Deathmatch)
Cargo PlaneCargobob
Cargobob (mission)Cariboo Ave
Carioca Latin DanceCarjacking
CarlCarl (TLAD)
Carl BradshawCarl DowlingCarl Johnson
Carl Johnson's fatherCarl Pearson
Carla RenataCarlos
Carlos (GTA V)Carmel Corn
Carmen Ortiz
CarniceriaCarniceria El PuebloCarniceria Panaderia
Carnicero RomeroCarolina RavassaCarosello Italiano
Carpe Dime
CarrecCarrollton Street
Carson AvenueCarson General Hospital
Carson LinkCarson StreetCartel Cruiser
Cartel MansionCasa CristinaCasal Dos Ferros Race
Cascabel AvenueCaseyCasey's Diner
Casey's Highway ClearanceCasey Siemaszko
Cash CardsCash Clash
Cash RegisterCash and Burn
Cash in Kazuki's ChipsCasing the Jewel Store
CasinoCasino CalamityCasino Floor
Cassidy CreekCassidy Creek BridgeCassidy Street
Cassidy TrailCastle Drive
Castle Garden CityCastle Gardens
Castle Gardens LTACastle Tunnel
CastradonCastro Lagano
Casual OutfitCasual Outfit (GTA VC)
Casual Outfit (GTA VCS)Cat Claw AvenueCatalina
Catalina's HideoutCatalystCatch
Catch the Wave
Cateory:Weapons manufactured by Hawk & LittleCaterpillar Street
Catfish ViewCathay Theater
Cathy TrienCatsCatskill Ave
Catwright Gang
Caught Napping
Caught as an ActCaught in the ActCaught with your Pants Down
CavalcadeCavalcade FXTCavalry Boulevard
Cavern of SorrowCavity LaneCayuga Avenue
CazzaCedar Grove
Cedar Ridge ObservatoryCedric FotheringayCeiling Height Limit
Celebrities in the Grand Theft Auto series
Celltowa BuildingCelltowa CellphoneCement Truck
CemeteriesCentral Intelligence Agency
Central IslandCentral Los Santos Medical Center
Cerveza BarrachoCerveza Heights
Cerveza Heights Medical Center
Cesar VialpandoCesar Vialpando (mission)
ChadChad Mulligan
Chains of IntimacyChainsawChakra Attack
Chamberlain HillsChamberlain Hills (Deathmatch)Chamberlain Mall
Champagne Drinking ContestChan JaomingChannel 15
Channel XChaosChaperone
Character ActionsCharacter CustomizationCharacter Wheel
CharactersCharacters by Surname
Characters by Surname/HeaderCharacters by Surname (C-D)Characters by Surname (E-G)
Characters by Surname (F-I)Characters by Surname (J-K)Characters by Surname (L)
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