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Real BadmanReal People in GTA
Rebecca BenhayonRebecca Henderson
RebelRebel RadioRebel Radio Building
Rebel RodeoRebla
RecoveryRecruitment Drive
Recruitment Drive (GTA CW)Recruitment Drive (GTA VC)Recycling Center
Red's Machine Supplies
Red BalloonsRed CountyRed Desert Avenue
Red Light District
Red Light RacingRed Mist XI
Red ValdezRed Wing Avenue
RedemptionRedneck (GTA 1)
Redneck Attack!RednecksRednecks (GTA V)
Redsands EastRedsands West
Redsands West SafehouseRedwood CigarettesRedwood Cigarettes Building
Redwood Light DistrictRedwood Lights Track
Reece's Hair & Facial StudioReed Tucker
ReeferReferences to the GTA SeriesRefinery (Deathmatch)
Reflex (Deathmatch)Refried NoodleRefuel
Reg SmithRegal
ReginaRegular TomRehab Island
Relax Power X Motorized ScooterReleaseReligion
RemingtonRemote Bomb
Remote Controlled VehiclesRemote Grenade
Remote Sniper
RenderWare binary stream fileReneissance Fair
Reni WassulmaierReno 17TL
Rental Shuttle BusRepair Van
ReplayReplay/Format details
Repo-ManReport Confirms Liberty has NO Tourist Industry
RepossessionRepublican Space Rangers
Republicanspacerangers.comReputationReservoir Dregs
Residential District
Resolution XRespect
Restaurant & DeliRestaurants in GTA San Andreas
Restricted AreasRetaliateReturn of the Anaconda
Return the beach alive in gtav like gtasaReuniting the Families
Reuniting the FamilyRevenant
Rex's DinerReyna de Courcy
Rhythm-based MinigamesRicardo
Ricardo DiazRicciRich Men in Richman
RichardRichard BastionRichard Burns
Richard ChangRichard EastonRichard Goblin
Richard HsuRichards Majestic
Richards Majestic ProductionsRichie ScoreRichie T
Richie WayneRichmanRichman (2D Universe)
Richman (3D Universe)
Richman (HD Universe)Richman Country Club
Richman GlenRichman Hotel LTSRichman Mansion
Richman Mansion (Deathmatch)Richman StreetRick O'Shea
Rickie LukensRicky Gervais
Ricky HarrisRicoRico Garlik
Riding ShotgunRiding the Tracks (Race)
Rigged to Blow
Rigged to Blow (GTA III)Rigged to Blow (GTA IV)Rigged to Blow (GTA IV)/Walkthrough
Righteous Slaughter
RimmersRing of FireRing of Fire Chili House
Ringo StreetRioRiot
Riot (GTA SA)Riot (GTA VC)Ripley
Rise FMRise FM Headquarters
Risk AssessmentRistorante Ecoli
Riverside PavilionRizzo
Road KillRoad Kill/Walkthrough
Road Tripping (Deathmatch)Road WorksRoadgame
Roadside AssistanceRoadsterRoadtrain
Roadway FoodsRoast Peking DuckRob
Rob's LiquorRob (GTA IV)Rob Yang
Robada IntersectionRobberiesRobbery
Robbie ShakespeareRobbing Uncle SamRobbing the Cradle
RobertRobert BlumenfeldRobert Bogue
Robert ChollaRobert DaviRobert Dazzler International Jewelry Exchange
Robert DeNegroRobert FuranoRobert Kelly
Robert LoggiaRobert Santoro
Robert SeraglianoRobin BanksRobin Emblind
Robinson Real Estate
Roboi's Food MartRoboi's Food Mart Courier MissionRoca Escalante
Rocco Pelosi
Rochell'leRock CityRock Star Music & Video
Rocket LauncherRocket Street
RockfordRockford Dorset Hotel
Rockford DriveRockford Hill Reserve
Rockford HillsRockford Hills ChurchRockford Hills City Hall
Rockford Hills Fire StationRockford Hills Police StationRockford LCS
Rockford PlazaRockford Roll
Rockshore EastRockshore Wedding ChapelRockshore West
Rockshore West Safehouse
Rockstar Advanced Game EngineRockstar CaféRockstar Collection
Rockstar Edinburgh WhiskeyRockstar EditorRockstar Games
Rockstar Games Social Club
Rockstar JapanRockstar LeedsRockstar Lincoln
Rockstar LondonRockstar New EnglandRockstar North
Rockstar RadioRockstar San Diego
Rockstar TorontoRockstar VancouverRockstar Vienna
Rockster Video GamesRocky DangerRocoto
Rod HardmanRodeoRodeo Hotel
Rodeo LoopRodney
Rodney McEniryRodney MorashRodrigo
Rodrigo StavnesRoebuck RoadRoger C. Hole
Rogers Salvage and ScrapRogue
RollerRollercoaster Ride
Rollo Tomassi
Roman's ChildRoman's Holiday
Roman's KidnapperRoman's SorrowRoman's Taxi
Roman Bellic
Romance Isn't DeadRomania
Romero (GTA 2)

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