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UmbertoUmberto RobinaUmberto Robina's Home
Uncalculated RiskUncle BJ's Deli & GroceriesUncle Fu
Uncle Fu's GangUncle LeoneUncle Vanka
Uncle VladUncle Vlad/Transcript
Under Boat SignUnder Surveillance
Under The WingUnder the BridgeUnder the Gun
Under the Gun/WalkthroughUnderboss
Undercover LoverUnderground Gun Shops
Underground ShootoutUnderhand ContrabandUndertaker
Underwear OutfitUndress to KillUnfriendly Competition
Uni-TelUnion Depository
Union DriveUnion Drive East
Union Drive WestUnion FlyerUnion Grain Farm
Union Grain Supply Inc.Union OfficialUnion Road
Unique Stunt JumpsUnique Stunt Jumps in GTA San Andreas
UnitUnited Arab EmiratesUnited Kingdom
United Liberty Paper
United Liberty Paper HeadquartersUnited Liberty Paper contact
United States National GuardUnited States Post
United States of AmericaUnity StationUniversal Grocery & Deli
Universal UniformUniverses
UniversityUniversity of San Andreas, Los SantosUnknowing the Truth
Unknown Military ATVUnknown high-wing planeUnknown private jet
Unlock the PowerUnmarked Cruiser
Unnamed Asian WomanUnnamed Benefactor Car
Unnamed Beta Gang
Unnamed Construction
Unnamed Jewish MobsterUnnamed MotorcycleUnnamed Navy officer
Unnamed Russian Goon
Unnamed made man
Uno CarbUnused Gang 9
Up, Up and Away!Up-n-Atom Burger
Up the Back AlleyUp the CreekUprock Street
Upstate LibertyUptown Algonquin
Uptown RidersUptown Riders ClubhouseUptown Staunton
Uptown YardiesUptownriders.netUranium Street
UranusUrban Jungle
UriUrsulaUsed Auto Parts
Utility Truck
Utility VanUtopia Gardens
UziUzi MoneyUzi Rider
V-Rock HotelV-Rock Recording Studio
V.I.P.V.I.P. (person)
V8 GhostVAJ FinanceVBC
VCN Maverick
VCPD Cheetah
VCPD WinterGreen
VCPD in 2D Universe
VIG Insurance
Valdez Alert!Valdez AvenueValdez Theater
Valentine's Day Massacre SpecialValet
Valet UniformValkyrieValle Ocultado
Valley Forge AvenueVan
Van HeistVan Heist/Transcript
Vance-Mendez War
Vance crime family
Vanessa AspillagaVanessa LemonidesVangelico
Vanilla Unicorn
Vank Hoff HotelVank Hoff Hotel Suite
Varrios Los AztecasVarrios Los Aztecas (3D Universe)
Varrios Los Aztecas (HD Universe)Varsity HeightsVarsity Heights Police Station
Vaughn HarperVauxite LTA
Vauxite Street
Vedic Massacre!Vedic TempleVega
Vehicle BrandsVehicle Damage
Vehicle DetailsVehicle FeaturesVehicle Formats
Vehicle ID List
Vehicle Machine Gun
Vehicle MineVehicle Missions
Vehicle Mounted WeaponsVehicle Oil SlickVehicle Statistics in GTA IV
Vehicle Stats in GTA IIIVehicle Stats in GTA San Andreas
Vehicles in GTA 1
Vehicles in GTA 2Vehicles in GTA AdvanceVehicles in GTA Chinatown Wars
Vehicles in GTA IIIVehicles in GTA IVVehicles in GTA Liberty City Stories
Vehicles in GTA LondonVehicles in GTA London 1961Vehicles in GTA London 1969
Vehicles in GTA San AndreasVehicles in GTA VVehicles in GTA Vice City
Vehicles in GTA Vice City StoriesVehicles in The Ballad of Gay Tony
Vehicles in The Lost and DamnedVelum
Vending Machines
Venturas Poker ChallengeVenus OrdeliaVera
Vercetti Estate
Vercetti Gang
Vercotti GangVerdant Bluffs
Verdant Meadows (mission)
Verdant Meadows Airfield
Verdi Groceries
Verona BeachVerona Beach Safehouse
Verona Mall
Versus Missions in GTA OnlineVertical BirdVertical Bird/Walkthrough
VespucciVespucci Beach
Vespucci Beach LTSVespucci Beach Police StationVespucci Beach Sidewalk
Vespucci Beach Sidewalk MarketVespucci Beachfront (Deathmatch)Vespucci Boulevard
Vespucci CanalsVespucci CircusVespucci Circus LTA

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