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  1. Air Theater (edit) → Air Theatre
  2. GTA V Gold Medal Tips (edit) → GTA V Gold Medal Guide
  3. GTA Wiki:Copyright templates
  4. GTA Wiki:Dispute Resolution
  5. GTA Wiki talk:Community Portal/1
  6. GTA Wiki:Staff Noticeboard
  7. GTA Wiki:Staff Noticeboard/archive1
  8. Nines and AKs/Walkthrough
  9. The Ballad of Gay Tony Parachute Glitch (edit) → Parachute Glitch
  10. :Do you think that R* can made a better game than the GTA IV?
  11. :Does Saints Row 2 top GTA IV
  12. :If CJ was the protagonist in gta v and he joined a different gang what would you make him join if he left the gsf?
  13. :If they came out with gta v and it din't have ragdoll physics,would you still buy it?
  14. :If R* starts using funny names again,which would be best?
  15. :If the creators of saints row 2 teamed up with rockstar north to make a game with gta 4 graphics but with saints row 2 weapon selection would you buy it?
  16. :If there was a new friend in GTA IV,what would you whsn
  17. :If there was DLC for the PC version of GTA4 would you buy it?
  18. :If you could have a GTA set in a whole state,what state would it Be?
  19. :If you could revised GTA 3, what would you add?
  20. :What do you think of "The Lost and Damned"?
  21. :What feature do you want to see in GTA 5?
  22. :Whats the best console to play gta on?
  23. :Whats the best personal extra in san andreas
  24. :What's the best radiostation in gta 3
  25. :What's the best radiostation in san andreas
  26. :What's the best radiostation in vice city
  27. :Whats the best supercar in gta iv
  28. :What is the worst vehicle on gta IV?
  29. :Before gta 3 what was you're favourite gta game
  30. :What's youre favourite radio station in gta 4
  31. :What's youre favourite radio station in lcs
  32. :What's youre favourite radio station in vcs
  33. :Whats you're favourite safehouse in gta IV
  34. :What is the best place on san andreas
  35. :What gta gme had the best soundtrack?
  36. :What country do you want gta v to be set in ?
  37. :Which Gang/Gangsta character is your favorite?
  38. :Which gang vehicle do you like the best? (GTA 3)
  39. :Whats the best clothes store
  40. :Whats the best gang car
  41. :Whos the best gang on san andreas
  42. :Whichos the best gang on san andreas
  43. :Whats the best gym
  44. :What is the best plane in san andreas
  45. :Whats the funniest vehicle on san andreas
  46. :What is youre favourite gta game
  47. :Whats youre favourite bicycle in san andreas
  48. :Whats your best helicopter/other in san andreas
  49. :Whats youre favourite motorbike in san andreas
  50. :Whats youre favourite sports car in san andreas

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