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17:43, April 1, 2015JerryCan-GTAV-render.png (file)209 KBWildBrick142 (once more to be sure)
17:38, April 1, 2015Marksman Rifle.png (file)60 KBRainingPain17 
17:33, April 1, 2015Heavy Shotgun.png (file)71 KBRainingPain17 (Uploaded from the cache - hoping it works)
17:31, April 1, 2015Heavy Shotgun GTAV.png (file)72 KBRainingPain17 (Reverted to version as of 15:27, October 2, 2014)
15:29, April 1, 2015The Superbike in GTA 1.png (file)2 KBGDuuy 
07:48, April 1, 2015Gta3-android-3.jpg (file)72 KBMjplacencia 
06:06, April 1, 2015GTAVC HiddenPack 72 top of pyramid stairs 'for sale' in NW Little Havana.png (file)2.71 MBDisneywizard (At the top of the stairs of the big white building with a 'For Sale' sign. East of the Laundromat from package 72.)
05:44, April 1, 2015GTAVC HiddenPack 72 NE corner inside laundromat in NW Little Havana.png (file)2.49 MBDisneywizard (Northeast corner inside the laundromat at the Northwest edge of Little Havana)
02:29, April 1, 2015GTAVC HiddenPack 67 Upstairs landing of first townhouse E of Kaufman Cabs.png (file)5.1 MBDisneywizard (Upstairs landing of southmost and first white townhouse East behind Kaufman Cabs.)
02:15, April 1, 2015LockedPageTxt.png (file)116 KBSmurfynz 
02:15, April 1, 2015LockedPageIcon.png (file)28 KBSmurfynz 
02:10, April 1, 2015GTAVC HiddenPack 68 SE corner of pit on roof E of 'MoveOverMiami' billboard.png (file)4.13 MBDisneywizard (SE corner in pit on roof East of the "Move over Miami (Mark)" billboard above Riverside Pavillion Oriental Food Take Away. There is a Police Bribe here when the player follows the instruction for unique jump 28. After Rub Out the ...)
00:39, April 1, 2015GTAVC HiddenPack 66 SW corner pit in alley N of Kauffman Cabs.png (file)3.51 MBDisneywizard (Southwest corner pit in alley North of Kaufman Cabs behind green 'Cholo' clothing store. Access East from Phil's Place past yellow and red supermarket, turn into South alley, at the South end turn West, down the pit stairs. Although other entrances...)
00:14, April 1, 2015Plane Takedown GTAO Message.jpg (file)182 KBSmurfynz 
00:14, April 1, 2015Plane Takedown GTAO Reward.jpg (file)160 KBSmurfynz 
00:13, April 1, 2015Plane Takedown GTAO Kill.jpg (file)115 KBSmurfynz 
00:13, April 1, 2015Plane Takedown GTAO Map.jpg (file)204 KBSmurfynz 
00:13, April 1, 2015Plane Takedown GTAO Notification.jpg (file)205 KBSmurfynz 
00:12, April 1, 2015Plane Takedown GTAO Target.jpg (file)205 KBSmurfynz 
23:27, March 31, 2015FlareGun GTAVe FPS Iron.jpg (file)437 KBSmurfynz 
23:26, March 31, 2015FlareGun GTAVe FPS.jpg (file)397 KBSmurfynz 
23:26, March 31, 2015FlareGun GTAVe FPS Reload.png (file)573 KBSmurfynz 
21:06, March 31, 2015Wikia-Visualization-Main,gtawiki.png (file)7.47 MBPinkachu 
19:36, March 31, 2015Xero Gas - Can GTA Ve.jpg (file)62 KBMonkeypolice188 
18:50, March 31, 2015Actual 1427815984.jpg (file)61 KBEpicPonyMuffins 
18:27, March 31, 2015FIBcars.jpg (file)192 KBDeemsDogStomper 
18:25, March 31, 2015GTAVC HiddenPack 63 SW corner behind steam ramp of Moist Palms Hotel.png (file)3.96 MBDisneywizard (Southwest corner behind the concrete steam ramp in backyard of Moist Palms Hotel, a big white building with water in front of it.)
18:11, March 31, 2015FIBagents.jpg (file)134 KBDeemsDogStomper 
08:11, March 31, 2015GTAVC HiddenPack 64 NW corner of wharf W of Phil's Place.png (file)3.67 MBDisneywizard (Northwest corner of wharf West of Phil's Place.)
05:47, March 31, 2015GTAVC HiddenPack 62 S wall mezzanine office.png (file)4.63 MBDisneywizard (South wall of the mezzanine office with the elevator which is featured in the Film Studio mission G-Spotlight.)
05:15, March 31, 2015RFPNOVacancy.png (file)176 KBSmurfynz 
05:15, March 31, 2015RFPVacancy.png (file)686 KBSmurfynz 
05:02, March 31, 2015OOT-kunzitest-GTAIVtbogt.jpg (file)1.19 MBSmurfynz 
05:01, March 31, 2015Out of Towners GTAIV StarJunction.jpg (file)1.31 MBSmurfynz 
05:00, March 31, 2015OOT-DENVER-EXETER-GTAIVtbogt.jpg (file)1.12 MBSmurfynz 
05:00, March 31, 2015OOT-frankfort-LC-GTA-TBOGT.jpg (file)1.41 MBSmurfynz 
04:59, March 31, 2015Out of Towners GTAIV Columbus Avenue.jpg (file)1,019 KBSmurfynz 
04:55, March 31, 2015OOT GTAIV Denver Exeter Kunzite St Map.png (file)205 KBSmurfynz 
02:56, March 31, 2015GTAVC HiddenPack 61 beneath SW corner of helipad on VCN bulding.png (file)9.57 MBDisneywizard (Beneath the Southwest corner of the helipad upon the VCN building. Access: Drop down from the helipad. Arrive with helicopter or use the VCN building roof access door North of the West base of the bridge to Prawn Island. The package is visible when...)
01:34, March 31, 2015Enema-columbus-GTAIVtbogt.jpg (file)721 KBJmlgo1991 
01:33, March 31, 2015Bm-hematite-denver-exeter-GTAIVtbogt.jpg (file)979 KBJmlgo1991 
01:31, March 31, 2015Bm-dillon-dukes-GTAIV.jpg (file)852 KBJmlgo1991 
01:26, March 31, 2015GTAVC HiddenPack 60 NW corner of underground ambulance park behind Schuman Helth Center.png (file)3.83 MBDisneywizard (In the Northwest corner of the underground ambulance park, South down the ramp behind Schuman Health Care Center.)
23:36, March 30, 2015IWarz96 GTA Online.jpg (file)63 KBIWarzaw96 
22:15, March 30, 2015LockedPage.png (file)254 KBSmurfynz 
22:12, March 30, 2015Vacancy.png (file)201 KBSmurfynz 
21:14, March 30, 2015DeadCopsGTAV.jpg (file)31 KBIWarzaw96 
19:56, March 30, 2015Las Venturas-Traffic Jam.jpg (file)94 KBMyth hunter 
19:05, March 30, 2015Scope model 3 render GTA V.png (file)12 KBRainingPain17 
19:05, March 30, 2015Scope model 2 render GTA V.png (file)9 KBRainingPain17 

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