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This is a list of special vehicles throughout the 3D Universe. Special Vehicles are a type of vehicle that has unique qualities in contrast to standard ones. Such of these are unique/permanent colors and proofing against bullets, explosions, fire, or collisions.

Unique trait Code Description
All-proof AP The vehicles receives no damage everywhere. (BP/FP/EP/DP)



The vehicle receives no damage from direct hits from bullets.

Fire-proof FP The vehicle receives no damage from any flames or fires except when the vehicle is already burning from other forms of damage.
Explosion-proof EP The vehicle receives no damage from any explosions inflicted upon the vehicle.
Damage-proof DP The vehicle receives no damage from collisions or any form of physical damage (i.e. melee weapons).
Tip-proof TP The vehicle will not go in flames when it's tipped over. This property is available in GTA Liberty City Stories and GTA Vice City Stories
Permanent Color PC The vehicle's paintjob cannot be changed in a spray shop when it could otherwise.
Heavy H The vehicle's mass is greater than it should normally, meaning the vehicle will lose less momentum when colliding into dynamic objects. The downside to this is that collisions will damage the vehicle more than it would normally and it reflects the same amount of your hit.
Unique Paintjob Name of color The vehicle's paintjob is unique and cannot be obtained through spray shops or mod shops. However, the unique paintjob can be painted over and lost if the player enters a spray shop with the vehicle.
Unique Handling UH The vehicle's handling is altered to let the player be able to cut corners and turn more quickly than normal.
Pop-Proof PP The vehicle's tires cannot be popped by any means.
Water-Proof WP The vehicle will not sink in the water where it will just blast through, falling into Blue Hell.
Double Damage DD The vehicle will take two times more damage than ordinary vehicle.
Rare R The model of the vehicle appears only a few times during missions in the game.
Unobtainable U Cannot be obtained legitimately. You can only get it through trainers or Cheat Device (LCS, VCS). Some cannot be obtained without complete modifications of the game.
Destroying a proofed vehicle

Proofed vehicles are not indestructible. There are many of ways to wreck a BP/FP/EP/DP vehicle, including:

  • Flipping the car up-side down. (Won't work on Tip-proof Vehicles).
  • Getting hit by a tank (Rhino/Other Tanks Not APC)
  • Sinking the car in the water (Won't work on Water-proof Vehicles).
  • Starting race with a vehicle
  • Using the Blow-up all cars cheat.
  • Getting in the vehicle while the player is on fire.
  • Using a car bomb to detonate the vehicle.
  • Taking the car to the Harwood Autocrusher and Junkyard autocrusher to crush the vehicle.
  • Taking it to a girlfriends' house and have coffee with her/them then the car will lose its special property and simply become normal again.

Vehicle Unique Color Unique Handling Special Abilities Mission Notes/How To Acquire The Vehicles Guide
Admiral No No AP Los Sepulcros(AP) /You've Had Your Chips(AP) /You've Had Your Chips (EP) Save a Tow Truck in the Ganton Garage, get in, leave Sweet behind, kill one of the Ballas to fail, then tow the locked Admiral to a garage. (Los Sepulcros)(AP)

Get into the car, drive to any safehouse, place a satchel charge onto the Admiral. Kill yourself to fail the mission, then come back to your safehouse. (You've Had Your Chips)(EP)

Place satchel charges on the machines and destroy them all at once outside the building while facing away from the locked gate. Admiral will spawn quickly - kill the driver quickly before the Admiral stops and get in (after killing his accomplices). Destory the Admiral just outside the last mission waypoint by visiting 8 Ball's car bomb shop and detonating the bomb. Get in the waypoint AFTER it explodes, then wait for a firetruck to come and use it to push the wreck to a nearby garage. Line the wreck up  perpandicular to the door, nudge it slowly until the firetruck opens the door, and then quickly shove the car in. Don't let the wreck out of your sight, and don't let it hit the side walls/door of the garage. (You've Had Your Chips)(AP)

Banshee No No EP Gray Imports Before starting the mission, try to own some strong weapons like the Sub-Machine Gun or AK-47. Then go and start the mission. Make your way to the dealer. Then the dealer will run for the Banshee. Don't stop your path. Chase him and make sure he doesn't get in the Banshee (otherwise it isn't EP). Remember that the dealer has more health, so keep shooting him before he gets in the Banshee. Then after killing him, get a big car like a Boxville, Yankee, Mule, etc. Push the EP Banshee to a garage and save your game.
Berkley's RC Van RC Stickers, rear view lights Yes None Beefy Baron It can rarely seen in the traffic, somewhere near the Zero RC shop in San Fierro or somewhere in the desert.

First, enter the Zero RC shop in Garcia. Head to the back of the shop, you will find a red marker. Enter it to start the Beefy Baron mission. Once the mission starts and you have control of the Baron press the change view button (PC default is V). Your view will change to a Berkley Van that has spawned high up above San Andreas with Carl Johnson in the drivers seat (you can't control it until the mission ends). The van will fall for about 15 seconds before smashing onto the roof of Zero's RC shop. Now fail the mission, (either by keeping the baron still for a while and pressing the self destruct button, or by waiting for the timer to run out.) you will appear back in the shop. Quickly run outside and use the Jetpack cheat, or use your own if you have one nearby, and use it to fly up the the roof of the shop. The Berkley Van will be there waiting for you, if it is not, then try again. Now you can simply drive it off the roof of the shop and it's all yours.

Alternatively, when failing the mission, there is a chance that one will spawn in the street just when leaving Zero's shop.

BF Injection Black, Red No None Cut Throat Business Kill Madd Dogg then take the car to a garage.
BF-400 No No DP, FP, EP, PP Just Business Use the Blow Up All Cars Cheat before Big Smoke gets on, then using a Sawn off Shotgun, shoot it to a Garage.
Blade No No FP High Stakes, Low Rider Same with the Savanna Method.
Bobcat Black No None Stowaway Let the Andromada fly away to fail the mission, then drive it to a garage.
Boxville No No AP T-Bone Mendez Use the blow up all cars Cheat, then push to a garage.(With Cheats)

Use a Firetruck to knock the Boxville from the near high place. Drive the Boxville back to a garage avoiding cutscene and destory it by getting in the vehicle while player is on fire or another ways. kill yourself to fail the mission, and go to your garage.(Without Cheats)

See video here:

How to get BP EP FP CP MP Boxville from T-Bone Mendez without cheats06:19

How to get BP EP FP CP MP Boxville from T-Bone Mendez without cheats

Bravura No No AP The Green Sabre Get a Parachute , punch off the door first, then punch or stomp the car until it catches fire, enter the vehicle then exit it while the vehicle is on fire, and it will explode, DO NOT WATCH THE CUTSCENE, skip it. Wait for Sweet to be killed to fail the mission, then use the Sawn-off Shotgun to shoot it to the garage.
Buffalo No No AP Misappropriation/High Noon Put some satchel charges to the target's Maverick, then get a tractor, move to the 10th level of the Emerald Isle, fuse the charges, wait to fail the mission, then tow the Buffalo to the garage (two will spawn, the AP one will be the closest to the staircase). (Misappropriation)

Alternatively, the player can do a longer method to complete the mission AND have the AP Buffalo. Before starting the mission, make sure you have access to an Hunter (can be spawned by cheating or by getting a gold medal of every test of the Pilot School), and a Tractor in the Prickle Pine Safehouse garage. Go to the location with the Hunter and shoot the FBI agents to be spotted. Fly to the safehouse and drive the tractor to the top floor of the Emerald Isle parking lot. Wait for the target to land on the helipad and kill him when he arrives. Steal the documents then take the Buffalo to your garage. (Misappropriation)

Start the mission and shoot the Buffalo by Miniguns or Sawn-off Shotgun to flip it up-side down before Pulaski get in. Let him run away to fail the mission, or let him die in water to pass the mission without cutscene, then push to a garage. (High Noon)

Burrito Chrome Yellow No None Mike Toreno Kill T-Bone Mendez or Mike Toreno after acquiring a Tow Truck, then tow it to the nearest garage.
Camper Khaki Brown No None Jizzy Kill the Jizzy B. hoe or destroy Jizzy's car then take it to a garage.
Elegant Custom "SUNRA 93" plate No None Management Issues Instead of driving to the awards show, take the car to a garage instead.
Elegy No No BP, FP, EP Farewell, My Love... Push the Elegy to the water, watch the car as it sinks, then turn around, the Elegy should behind your back, fail the mission by get out of your car, then push it to the garage. (If the tractor is nearby, swap to it, then tow it to the garage.)

Alternate method: When you get to the checkpoint adjacent to the water, ditch your car to fail the mission. The other racers will stop nearby. Wait for a tractor, and tow it.

FCR-900 Red Spokes No AP T-Bone Mendez (AP)/Toreno's Last Flight (conventional model) Start the mission and use Rocket Launcher or Heat-Seeking Rocket Launcher to shoot the FCR-900 to fail the mission, then use the Sawn-off Shotgun to shoot it to the garage.(T-Bone Mendez)

Store it after the mission in the garage. (Toreno's Last Flight)

Feltzer No No AP End of the Line Submerge it partially (do not sink it completely) in the Glen Park water to fail the mission. (Do not lose the Firetruck otherwise the abilities will lose.) Then drive it to the garage.

If you didn't complete the submerge method and let Tenpenny get away your car will only come out DP after the mission.

See video here:

Fire Truck No Heavy AP End of the Line Drive the Feltzer to the bomb shop, (Do not lose the fire truck, keep the the rotatory camera facing the truck while taking an alternative route), Arm the bomb when it says a cop is stamping Sweet's fingers. When you catch Sweet from the cop stamping his fingers and Sweet gets on the hood of the Feltzer, dive out. (If you didn't arm the bomb soon enough, the next cutscene will disable it and mission will progress as normal.) Sprint to the firetruck, drive it to any garage, Get a paracute to destroy it, kill yourself to fail the mission, and go to your garage.
Forklift No No BP Robbing Uncle Sam Kill Ryder to fail the mission, then store into a garage.
Fortune No No BP, FP, EP, MP, TP, PP Wu Zi Mu Start the mission, as soon as the race begins, swing to the right and force the Fortune into a shed. There's only one way into this shed. Block the entrance with your car then exit. Let the 25 second count down fail the mission then use your vehicle to hit the Fortune, forcing the driver out. Now, the "fun" part is that you'll need to push this vehicle to a garage. You can push it to either the safe-house in Dillimore or the safe-house in Palomino Creek.

Alternate method: Damage your car to the point where black smoke shows. Enter the marker. When you get to Blueberry (make sure you are well ahead of other racers) ram your car on a wall to destroy it and fail the mission. The other racers will stop a bit ahead. Wait for a tractor, and tow it to garage.

TP and PP seems to be lost when stored in garage. (Tested on Badlands A PC Version)

Glendale No No AP Los Desperados Kill Cesar or his gang members to fail the mission, then tow the car using a Towtruck or Tractor to the garage.
Greenwood No No AP Drive-Thru (FP)/House Party (BP, FP)/End of the Line (AP)/Reuniting the Families (Pink) Simply park it in a garage after pass the mission. (Drive-Thru)

Same with the Voodoo method. (House Party)

Arm the bomb using the bomb shop, then skip the two cutscenes when you go near the fortress (if you don't skip the cutscenes the bomb will not work), wait for it to blow, then use the Sawn-off Shotgun, to shoot it to the garage. (End of the Line)

Huntley No Heavy None Jizzy Get sniper before mission. When Huntley appear, overtake it and kill driver and passenger. DO NOT hit it or driver will speed up and you won't get it. When you kill him, get into car and wait to fail mission. Then save it in garage(heavy property will get deleted soon).
HPV-1000 No No AP Small Town Bank/Quarry Mission 7(U)/Reuniting the Families Kill Catalina after the cutscene when two police bikers appear in front of them, then store it to the garage(do not trigger the cutscene where catalina and cj get on the bikes or abilities lose).(Small Town Bank)

Garage doors will not close for it (Quarry mission 7)

After escape from Jefferson Motel, don't shoot the police. Maybe your car will be destroyed and fail the mission when the second policeman jump in your car. His HPV-1000 is AP. Drive it back to the garage. (Reuniting the Families)

Infernus No No AP Beat Down on B-Dup When the B-Dup confrontation scene starts, hold down the gas button. When the final cutscene starts, jack the Infernus. Reverse into the pond, push it out and drive away. DO NOT PRESS ACCELERATE ONCE YOU ARE IN THE CAR OR IT WILL GET DELETED AND YOU GET WASTED.

Alternate method: Bring a tractor or Monster Truck (Monster Truck recommended) park it somewhere safe, take over glen park like normal, then park the Monster or Tractor on the road next to the two sidewalk grooves outside B-Dup's house. It should flip the Infernus during the final cutscene. Push to a garage. (May take a few trys to get the position right so the Infernus flips) If you fail, you can reload and try again.

LSPD Police No No FP, EP, DP Reuniting the Families /Reuniting the Families (EP) After escape from Jefferson Motel, let the police destroy your car. The Police Car chasing you is EP. Drive it back to the garage. (Reuniting the Families)(EP)

After escape from Jefferson Motel, shoot your car to fail the mission before the copbike cutscene. During it, you will find a Police Car run into the alley behind the Recycling Center. Run back to there and find this Police Car. Drive it back to the garage. (Reuniting the Families)(FP, EP, DP)

See video here:

How to get a EP FP CP MP LS Police in the mission Reuniting the Families w o any cheats05:15

How to get a EP FP CP MP LS Police in the mission Reuniting the Families w o any cheats

Majestic No No FP High Stakes, Low Rider Same with the Savanna method.
Maverick Black No AP Toreno's Last Flight/Misappropriation/The Da Nang Thang/Interdiction (black) Use another Maverick to fly to the high roof near it. Use the Sawn-off Shotgun to shoot it until it fells to the groud but avoid notice Toreno. Fly it back to garage and destory it by getting in the vehicle while player is on fire or another ways. (You don't have to destroy it to obtain properties) kill yourself to fail the mission, and go to your garage. (Toreno's Last Flight)

Bring the Towtruck to the destination, then kill the target and get the dossier to complete the mission (be quick before he goes to his Maverick and lose its abilities), then tow the target's Maverick to the aircraft garage in the airstrip.(Misapporpriation)

See video here . (The Da Nang Thang)

Drive a Dozer to the location. Destroy all black Mavericks,  then push to a garage and finish the mission. (Interdiction)(black)

Merit No No AP 555 We Tip Once you put the Merit to the parking area, wait for the valet to enter the car, shoot him, then re-enter the car, leave the car open to the garage (as the car is locked when you close it), make some fire, then enter the car while on fire to destroy it and to fail the mission, then close the garage to make it renew again and keeps its abilities.

The fire method is dangerous because getting any wanted level will fail the mission. You can flip it over using hills at the construction yard, then push to the garage. (sinking it in water won't work)

Mesa Dark Green Paintjob No None Robbing Uncle Sam Kill or let Ryder to fail the mission, then store it to the garage.

Alternative method: Take the car to garage, before entering forklift.

Mothership Hippie Paintjob No AP Are You Going to San Fierro? (EP) (UH)/Black Project (AP)/Riot Kill The Truth and save car in the garage. (Are You Going to San Fierro?)

See also: Black Project: Steal The Mothership

Mule No No EP, PP Robbing Uncle Sam Pass the mission, then store it to the garage.
Newsvan Vanilla Cream No AP Cut Throat Business Put Madd Dogg some satchel charges and leave him behind, then go to the video shoot, make some fire, then enter the Newsvan while on fire to destroy it, fuse the charges to kill Madd Dogg to fail the mission, then use the Sawn-off Shotgun to shoot it to the garage.
Packer Light Green No AP Cop Wheels/Just Business (AP) Get a Towtruck then follow the Packer till you fail the mission. Then tow it to the hangar garage. (Cop Wheels)

After run away from Atrium, use the Armor, health, and money Cheats in the first cutscene or the second cutscene to fail the mission. Just store it to the impound garage . (Just Business)(AP)

Patriot No No BP, FP, EP, MP Big Smoke's Cash Get the Towtruck, then follow the Patriot, not ramming it. Then when the Patriot stops, the mission fails, then tow it to the garage. (Keep the camera to the Patriot otherwise it will disappear.)

You can also collect all 6 boxes of money to pass the mission then keep the patriot in sight of camera. Follow it with the towtruck, get ahead, hook it up and tow it back to garage. Wedge it in the garage sideways so the gang member won't drive out.

PCJ-600 No No AP OG Loc After the cutscene where Freddy has fled, get off of the vehicle that CJ is currently on, bring OG Loc along as well, and walk towards where Freddy is, however, there is a certain distance when Freddy starts firing at CJ. When this is reached, go no further, because he will escape with the bike. After reaching this distance, kill OG Loc to fail the mission. Freddy will disappear, and leave the bike behind. After this, go take the bike and save it in a storage.

Way 2: Just after you and OG Loc get out of the car, shoot OG Loc so he will start punching you, then ring the bell. After the cutscene Freddy will stand still and not flee, while OG Loc will walk away. Steal Freddy's bike and drive away.

Perennial Black No None/U* Big Smoke After the cemetery cutscene showing the Ballas drive by, you will be told to get on a BMX . Don't get on it, look behind you and you will see the car wreck. push it to a garage, then go back to the BMX and finish the mission.
Pizza Boy Green No No Ice Cold Killa Destroy Jizzy's Broadway before entering the club. When escaping the Club, Jizzy will jack the unique green bike. Kill him and finish the mission, then take it to your garage.
Pony Dark Teal Yes Off-Road Wheels, Sound System Life's a Beach Drive it to the garage, then use explosives to destroy it to fail the mission, then keep it inside the garage. Normal Ponys do not come in dark teal color, can not be modified, and only rarely spawn with sound systems in normal traffic.

You can also dunk it at the same beach. Don't sink it too deep, you will fail the mission, drive to garage.

Pony Light Blue No None Toreno's Last Flight Keep it after the mission (If you use it to chase the Maverick) or destroy the Maverick using the Heat-Seeking Rocket Launcher (If you have), then keep it to the garage.
Rancher No No DP, FP, EP Lure When you get the Rancher, drive to where the first check point is but do not enter it. Do not enter the checkpoint and instead drive to the Los Santos Flood Canals (driving on the highway and keeping distance between the chasers will cause them to give up). Then back the Rancher to the end of the canal system so that the rear wheels are hanging off th edge of the canal system in water. At this point, exit the vehicle so you will fail the mission. Get back in the Rancher and store it in the garage. This vehicle can be made bullet proof with a "glitch" involving the car invicibilty cheat.

You can also obtain this car in DP BP EP form before you go to the Angel Pine sawmill. Do the same method as above. Sadly, the garage eats these properties if you try to obtain it in this form.

Remington No No FP High Stakes, Low Rider Same with the Savanna method.
Remington White with black interior, Gray with dark teal interior, Light blue with yellow interior No None Cesar Vialpando (Mission), Everytime you start the sub-mission Lowrider Challenge Get a car, then go to the low-rider challenge at Unity Station. You will see 3 of the unique colored Remingtons. Pass or fail the mission to obtain it. Then, after the mission, 2 VLA Gang Members will enter two of the Remingtons.

- Choose the car of your choice, then tail the car with your car, then when he is already far away from the station, block his car's path. Shoot the gang member's head off. Don't let the car door close, because it's locked. Bring that car into any safehouse garage of your choice. (For the two driven away Remingtons) - Get a towtruck then tow the Remington into any safehouse garage of your choice. (for the parked Remington)

Rumpo No No DP, FP Outrider Kill the driver to fail the mission, then store it to the garage.
Sabre No No AP The Green Sabre/Tanker Commander/Wu Zi Mu (FP) Kill Catalina to fail the mission, then store it using the tow truck or tractor to the garage. (Tanker Commander)

Practice to Hitman level with the Micro SMG or the TEC 9. Buy at least 500 bullets of the weapon. After the cutscene with Cesar, quickly drive to Sweet to preserve as much of his health as possible. Drive up to the sabre, and quickly dent it with your Tec 9 or Micro SMG. Dent it to the point where black smoke is showing and both doors fall off. (it won't explode no matter how much you punish it) Once the vehicle is in those conditions, drive off. If you didn't do it before Sweet dies, then the properties will be lost. (The Green Sabre)

Same with the Fortune Method. (Wu Zi Mu)

Sadler No No AP Tanker Commander/Are You Going to San Fierro? (EP) Pass the mission, then go to the gas station near the trucking mission, then store it to the garage. (Destroy first the pursuers to make it indestructible.) (Tanker Commander)

Destory it and kill The Truth to fail the mission, then push to a grarge. (Are You Going to San Fierro)(EP)

Sanchez No No AP Wrong Side of the Tracks/Badlands/Big Smoke's Cash /Kickstart (U)/End of the Line (FP, EP) After Big Smoke killed all the Vagos, drive to the Fisher's Lagoon, sink it (but not too deep otherwise you can't get it) kill Big Smoke to fail the mission, then store it to the garage. (Wrong Side of the Tracks) You can also sink it at any other beach with a shallow slope.

Let the snitch run away and drive the Sanchez in front of the house into the water before the misson failed, the store it to the garage. (Badlands)

Go closely but don't be noticed, use the blow up all cars Cheat, then push to a garage.(Big Smoke's Cash)

After CJ and Sweet change the seat and let CJ to shoot, use the Armor, health, and money Cheats in the first cutscene to fail the mission. Just store it to the garage. (End of the Line)(FP, EP)

Savanna No No AP Photo Opportunity /High Stakes, Low Rider(BP/FP/EP) Pass or fail the mission, then push it to the nearest garage.(High Stakes, Low Rider)(BP/FP/EP)

Alternate method: Save a towtruck at Santa Maria Beach safehouse. Trigger the mission and do it until you get to the right-turn marker. Don't turn right, go straight to your safehouse and wait for the other racers to get onto the bridge going to the finish line. As soon as you see them, switch to the towtruck. You have 25 seconds to switch, and drive quickly onto the pier using the stairs on the left of the bridge, and be able to see the cars in the distance. (if you're not fast enough in 25 seconds they will disappear). Hook up the car and tow it back to your garage. (They might be bunched up together and hard to tow out. If this is the case, move the car to a suitable position by sprinting into it.)(High Stakes, Low Rider)

Drive to set a car bomb in El Corona, Los Santos and arm it before get in the roof, let it bomb when taking photos, keep the camera on the wreck. Don't take any photo to fail the misson, then jack a Tanker and push to a garage.(Photo Opportunity)

See video here:

GTA San Andreas (Obtaining a Comprehensiveproof Savannah) No Cheats08:51

GTA San Andreas (Obtaining a Comprehensiveproof Savannah) No Cheats

Savanna Turqoise and White, Red and Turqoise, Light Blue and Red, Yellow and Purple No No Cesar Vialpando (Mission), Everytime you start the sub-mission Lowrider Challenge Same as the Remington Method, except that there were 3 cars that were driven away.
Sentinel No No AP The Green Sabre/Saint Mark's Bistro/Intensive Care/Mountain Cloud Boys (mission) Same with the Sabre method.(The Green Sabre)

Use the blow up all cars Cheat in the cutscene, then push to a garage.(Saint Mark's Bistro)

Fetch a ride and go to the hospital, then chase down the original ambulance, after you have the ambulance, wait for the backup to arrive, there will be 2 AP Sentinels, you can force the driver out by shooting him at the head with a gun, once he's out, immediately go inside the car (note : after you go inside the car do not bail out unless the car is in the garage because the car will  be locked and you'll have no other options left than pushing your car to the garage or restart the mission) and drive to any garage, if you want you can also lure the other Sentinel to follow you, so that you'll have 2 AP Sentinels in your garage (Intensive Care). (Note: according to this source, this method does not work - the garage eats the properties.)

Kill all the Da Nangs except for one, destroy the AP Sentinel with Parachute, kill Woozie to fail the mission, then use the Sawn-off Shotgun to shoot it to the garage. (Mountain Cloud Boys)

See Video here .

Stallion No No FP Wu Zi Mu Same with the Fortune Method.
Stretch Black bottom, Black No None Jizzy (black-bottom), Ice Cold Killa (black/black-bottom) Kill the driver, the preacher and the prostitute. As the mission ends, take the Stretch to your garage. (Black-bottom, Jizzy).

Take one of the two black limos parked in front of Jizzy's club and take it to your garage, afterwards complete the mission normally. (Black, Ice Cold Killa).

Take a Black Stretch and respray it in any color at TransFender ; the bottom will remain black. Save it to your garage and continue the mission. (Black-bottom, Ice Cold Killa).

Sultan No No FP, BP, AP Farewell, My Love.../Just Business(AP)(BP) Same with the Elegy method. (Farewell, My Love...)

After run away from Atrium, use the Armor, health, and money Cheats in the first cutscene(AP) or the second cutscene(BP) to fail the mission. Just store it to the garage. (Just Business)

SWAT Tank No No BP, FP End of the Line Drive it to the garage, then destroy it using explosives to fail the mission. (Do not go to the wall going to the fortress in order not to lose the abilities.) Then keep it to the garage.
Tahoma No No BP, FP House Party Simply pass or fail the mission, then push the locked Tahoma to the garage.
Tampa No No AP Nines and AKs Save a Fire Truck at Ganton garage. Start the mission and when it tells you to shoot the bottle, go back and fetch the truck. Enter Emmet's yard from the northern alleyway, line up with the back of the Tampa. back up, then ram the xar and hopefully, it will flip over when rammed against the east wall and explode. If not, line up and try again. When it's destroyed, kill Smoke or Emmet to fail the mission, then use the truck to push it back to the garage.
Tanker No No BP Tanker Commander Go to the garage that is big enough, kill Catalina to fail the mission, then store it. (Do not attach it to the trailer otherwise it is not BP.)
Tanker Trailer No No AP Tanker Commander Get a truck then drive to the gas station, DO NOT ENTER THE MARKER. Kill Catalina to fail the mission, then store it.
Vincent Dark Blue No DD Everytime you owe money to the Casinos Simply kill the driver and the thugs on the car without destroying it (headshot is recommended) and you can take the unique dark blue Vincent to a garage. Don't worry if you accidentally destroy one of them, as long as you owe money to the casinos, this unique dark blue Vincent will always come to you.
Voodoo No No BP, FP House Party Destroy in the mission, then kill Sweet seeing the wreck to fail the mission and put to a garage.

OR: Shoot it back to the garage with sawn off, destroy it, then run sweet over quickly with another car.

Vortex Plain White, White and Black No AP, DP Cut Throat Business Same with the Newsvan Method. (Except that you can drive it to the garage, skip the part where you destroy it.)(AP)

After driving to Santa Maria Beach and changing to kart to keep chasing, the Vortexes driven by Madd Dogg and OG Loc become DP, just fail the mission by losing OG Loc and drive to a garage.(DP) 

Walton Plain White No BP Madd Dogg Let Madd Dogg jump to fail the mission, then store it to the garage or complete the mission, then store it to the garage. 
ZR-350 No No FP, Off-road wheels Farewell, My Love... Keep your car after the race. (Pass or Fail) (Off-road wheels)

Same with the Elegy method. (FP)

Any Vehicle No No BP, EP, FP Anytime (BP/EP)/Gray Imports(FP/EP) While not in a vehicle enter the car invincibility cheat. Enter the vehicle and then enter the cheat again to deactivate it. Then drive it into any garage. Exit the vehicle and let the garage save it. Only the BP/EP properties will be obtained. (Anytime)

Enter the marker, then your car will be FP/EP, (Do not complete the whole mission otherwise it is not FP/EP) then take your car to any garage, then complete the whole mission with your other car. (Gray Imports)


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