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Special Vehicles are features in the Grand Theft Auto series, this article contains a list of all the special vehicles featured in Grand Theft Auto V.

Land Vehicles

BF Space Docker
A Space Docker is rewarded to the player after collecting all 50 Spaceship Parts in the mission Far Out.
Declasse Rancher XL
A snow covered variant of the Rancher XL is used as an escape car in the mission Prologue, this variant of the car can also be stolen in Bury the Hatchet. Like other snow covered vehicles, it cannot be stored in a garage (without save editing) as they do not spawn in Los Santos.
Obey Tailgater
Michael De Santa owns a unique Tailgater which the licence plate reading 5MDS003.
A baby blue Tailgater with the license plate reading K1FFL0M can be obtained from the mission Unknowing the Truth if the player doesn't deliver the cash.
Weeny Issi
Tracey De Santa owns a unique yellow Issi with a license plate reading P3RSEUS.
Übermacht Sentinel
Amanda De Santa owns a unique Sentinel which licence plate reads KRYST4L.
Übermacht Sentinel XS
A unique baby blue Sentinel XS can be obtained from the mission Unknowing the Truth.
Canis Bodhi
Trevor Philips owns a unique Bodhi which is readily available after and during Mr. Phillips, Mr Raspberry Jam is tucked behind the bull bar (unless it's changed at Los Santos Customs) after the completion of Hang Ten. Its license plate reads BETTY 32. It is destroyed, rendering it unobtainable if the player completes Something Sensible.
Bravado Buffalo S
Franklin Clinton owns a unique Buffalo S different from normal Buffalos found on the street. it's license plate reads FC1988.
Western Bagger
Franklin owns a unique Bagger with a license plate reading FC88.
Karin BeeJay XL
Jimmy De Santa purchased a unique worn yellow BeeJay XL, however, it is repossessed by Franklin in Repossession, the car can be kept after the missions completion, it has a unique aggressive sound.
Canis Merryweather Mesa
The Merryweather Mesa is a unique modified off-road Mesa used by Merryweather that can be obtained in both The Wrap Up and Meltdown.
uncovered version as well
Canis Crusader
An uncovered Crusader can be found in the 4th Rampage in the first time. Can be obtained after the rampage if the player doesn't destroy it. Can also be found when purchased on Warstock Cache & Carry.
HVY Barracks OL
Buying it from Warstock Cache & Carry, the truck will spawn in a black or red scheme.
Pfister Comet
A unique lighter lime green Comet can be obtained from Lenny Avery after the mission Closing the Deal.
Ocelot F620
A unique baby blue F620 can be obtained after the mission Delivering the Truth.
a rich red F620 in the mission "i fought the law" obtained by interrupting the mission before starting it
Dundreary Landstalker
A unique baby blue Landstalker can be obtained from the mission Unknowing the Truth.
a worn graphite Landstalker in the mission where jimmy gets kidnapped ( optional mission ) kidnappers will be driving it
a Landstalker when collecting all the 50 scrap pieces when you go tot he killers house he has a landstalker with license plate that spells (DR3YFUSS)
A unique tractor with a license plate reading KIFFLOM1 can be obtained from the mission Unknowing the Truth.
Stanley Fieldmaster
A snow covered Fieldmaster appears in the Prologue. Cannot be obtained during the mission.
Declasse Asea
The Asea can be obtained after the mission What Lies Beneath. This is the only time in the game the Asea can be obtained.
A snow covered Asea appears in the Bury the Hatchet. Cannot be obtained during the mission.
Clown Van
The Clown van appears in Grass Roots - Trevor, and cannot be obtained in a normal gameplay, only if you use a save editor.
The cutter is drivable in the final heist, but not obtainable in a normal gameplay, however, can be obtained via a Glitch in GTA Online and a save editor.
The Fixter is a rare bike, the only known way to obtain one is after the completion of the Rampage Five.
Maibatsu Penumbra
Hao's orange Penumbra has already many modifications included, such as upgraded bumpers, engine, exhaust, lights, hood, roof, skirts, spoiler, turbo tuning, and modified rims.
Pegassi Bati 801RR
The Bati 801RR can be only obtained during The Jewel Store Job and only if you choose Karim Denz as the escape driver. You must fail the mission and the Bati 801RR appears later on the streets.
Dundreary Stretch
A Stretch with a Special License Plate "VIN3W00D" can be obtained during the mission Meltdown.
Dewbauchee Rapid GT
Poppy Mitchell owns a blue Rapid GT during Paparazzo - The Sex Tape with a unique License Plate "POPPYMI4".
Enus Cognoscenti Cabrio
Poppy Mitchell owns a pink Cognoscenti Cabrio during Paparazzo - The Meltdown with a unique License Plate "POPPYMI5".
Fathom FQ2
Beverly owns a red FQ2 during Paparazzo - The Sex Tape with a License Plate "P4P4R4ZO".
Nagasaki Blazer
During the Mission Nervous Ron there are 2 unique Blazers. Trevor has a unique all red Blazer with a unique license plate TPI1000 and Ron has a unique Blazer with an all blue paintjob and unique license plate B3LI3V3.
Brute Boxville
The Humane Labs and Research Boxville can be only obtained during the mission BZ Gas Grenades.
brown postal mail boxville can be seen in switch events and can be very hard but can obtained from "father/son" mission
Buckingham Maverick
A unique baby blue Maverick can be obtained from the mission Unknowing the Truth.
Maibatsu Frogger
Trevor steals a Frogger with and gives it a unique Trevor Philips Enterprises livery, the helicopter is readily available after the completion of Three's Company.
A unique lime green version of the Frogger is used by the Lifegaurd to patrol the skies around Del Perro and Vespucci Beach.
HVY Skylift
The Skylift can be obtained after the mission Sidetracked. This is the only time in the game you can obtain the Skylift.
Western Company Cargobob
In the mission The Merryweather Heist (if the 2nd method is chosen), the player must hook a Submersible with a unique TPE variant.
In Monkey Business, there's a Jetsam Cargobob used by Trevor Philips.
Jobuilt Velum
A unique baby blue Velum can be obtained from the mission Delivering the Truth.
Cargo Plane
The cargo plane is piloted by Trevor in the mission Minor Turbulence, but it's unobtainable during normal gameplay, but you can use cheat devices to obtain one.


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