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|vehicles =
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:''For the vehicle, see [[Stretch]].''
:''For the vehicle, see [[Stretch]].''

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Harold Joseph
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Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Full name: Harold Joseph
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Place of birth: Los Santos
Date of death: 2013
Nationality: African-American
Main affiliation: The Families (former)
Voiced by: Hassan Iniko Johnson
For the vehicle, see Stretch.

Harold "Stretch" Joseph is a character in the Grand Theft Auto, appearing in Grand Theft Auto V.

Stretch is a member of the Chamberlain Gangsters Families and a friend of Lamar Davis. Near the beginning of the game, he departs from prison for crimes that are never revealed, and Lamar plans a sort of reunion for himself, Stretch and Franklin.

Appearance and personality

Stretch is a short, bulky man with numerous tattoos covering his body. He wears usual CGF clothes inculding a white T-shirt, baggy jeans, a green hat and a gold chain.

For some reason, he shows a very strong dislike towards Franklin Clinton and the two frequently argue, leaving Lamar to pick a side. He appears to have a very short temper, assaulting Franklin for poking fun at him for "dropping the soap" in prison, and immediately shooting D in the face when discovering that he had betrayed them.


  • Despite being only referred to as Stretch in dialogue, his real name can be seen on, an in-game parody of Facebook.

Mission appearances


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