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Stretch E
A Stretch E in The Ballad of Gay Tony
(Rear quarter view)
Vehicle type Limousine
Body style 4-door limousine
Capacity 4 (driver and three passengers)
Appearance(s) The Ballad of Gay Tony
Manufacturer Benefactor (HD Universe)
Related vehicle(s) Schafter

The Benefactor Stretch E is a limousine version of the second generation Schafter, available exclusively in The Ballad of Gay Tony.



The Stretch E is similar to TBoGT rendition Schafter with an extended wheelbase and a slightly different front grille and bumper. While sharing the same name as the Stretch, the Stretch E is clearly less luxurious, as it lacks any additions aside two more seats in the rear compartment. It also lacks lights on the sides of the doors. The body-style is based on a 2010 Mercedes E-class W212 Limousine. The front mostly resembles the W216 Mercedes CL-Class. The Stretch E does not have the engine sound that the Schafter has but a sound that may derive from the Primo as it sounds like a V6, not a V12 as the Schafter has.



Being shorter than the Stretch, the Stretch E has slightly better performance, being capable of tighter cornering and better acceleration. Its top speed is 301 km/h (187 mph).


The Ballad of Gay Tony

The Stretch E is used as the escape vehicle in the mission Frosting on the Cake and is the only time when one can acquire the vehicle. Like the vast majority of road vehicles, Stretch Es only spawn in traffic when the player is driving another Stretch E. But some might appear after playing/Replaying Frosting on the Cake for some limited time, even if you abandon the car for the mission. After completing the mission you can just simply drive it to your safehouse and save. Then the Stretch E will stay in the space.


  • Despite featuring the updated body shape of TBoGT's Schafter, the Stretch E has the same wheel design as GTA IV's older Schafter.
  • The Stretch E in Frosting on the Cake is lustered which is unique for this car.
  • After the mission Frosting on the Cake, the player may take the Stretch E and save it at a safehouse, however whilst saving the vehicle will repair the vehicle from scratches, dents etc the sunroof will still be missing from the mission when Luis breaks it in order to throw sticky bombs out from it. This is most likely a bug.
  • Strangely, after repeating (or failing) this mission many times via Luis' Phone, the Stretch E may appear in a series of unique paint-jobs, such as metallic blue/teal, metallic olive, light metallic brown or dark brown or dark metallic gold. These paint-jobs are not found in the streets or via respraying. However, the blue/teal paint-job can be found on modified Serranos when the player resprays the car many times, sometimes when Henrique delivers a Serrano to the player, or randomly on the streets if the player is already driving one.
  • Oddly, the Stretch E has a top speed that is 42mph greater than that of the Schafter which it is based on.
  • It is more likely that the Stretch E is base off the cut base model of the Schafter rather than Gay Tony Schafter because it shares the same grille as the cut Schafter.

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