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Submarine Piece its an collectible in Grand Theft Auto V. There are 30 pieces in total scattered throughout the ocean around San Andreas.


The player can start to collect the submarine pieces once he buys the Sonar Collections Dock for $250.000 as Michael, and speak with Abigail Mathers on the docks, to start the mission Death at Sea.

Note: The Sonar Collections Dock becomes available to purchase after the mission The Merryweather HeistMichael can buy it, but also Franklin.

The player then needs to use the Dinghy anchored in the docks to look for the pieces. The boat its equiped with an sonar that marks an circular green search radius on the map, to indicate the general area where the pieces are. The player needs to go to this locations and use an scuba suit to divi in the ocean and collect the pieces underwater. The middle of the search radius is always where the submarine piece is located.

Note: theres no need to collect an scuba suit beforehand, the protagonist will be autmatically fitted with the gear once he enters in the Dinghy.

Once all the pieces of that search radus are picked, the player needs to go back to the boat and go to the next market area. Any of the three protagonists can collect the pieces, but only Michael can return then to Abigail. The mission What Lies Beneath, automatically begins once all 30 pieces are collected.


  • The player only receive $10 for collecting all the Submarine Pieces; however, there are many treasures underwater that can make this well worth your while. Keep your eyes out for high concentrations of weapons, armor, health kits and hidden packages (briefcases of random amounts of money) around the same ship and plane wrecks that are near the location that will need to be explored to find Submarine Pieces.
  • While the green search circles only appear while in the dinghy, the white sonar rings and audible pings occur whenever the current player character (not just Michael) is nearby, whether swimming, in another watercraft, or even driving by on land if the piece is close inshore.
  • The boat will be carried away from where you parked it. The distance it moves depends on water roughness.
  • The player will enconters some sharks while looking for the pieces. If the shark its not provoked, there will be no problem. However, if one does get aggresive, its possible to take it out. Target locking does not help in this situation. Sharks appear as a red dot on the radar. Its also possible to shoot sharks while standing in the boat. Crawl into the craft (don't jack it) so the weapon can be selected.
  • Park the Dinghy smack dab in the middle of the focused search radius. A blue blip immediately becomes the Dinghy marker the moment the player dive out of the boat. The white expanding ring remains on the radar to help locate the piece while the player is swimming around.


  • An internet artcle from Public Liberty Online after the mission Blitz Play mentions the Submarine Pieces, the article reports the death of Frank Mathers while he was testing an submarine, and that the submarine break apart spreading its pieces across the ocean.


GTA 5 - Abigail Submarine Pieces Location Guide Strangers and Freaks(29:39)
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