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The Suffolk Church

The Suffolk Church is an unnamed church located in Suffolk, Algonquin. It plays a small role in the GTA IV storyline only appearing in two missions. This is the church where Roman Bellic marries Mallorie Bardas. It is also the church where Derrick McReary or Francis McReary has their funeral. There is also a small grave yard behind the church.

Mission Appearances


  • You may be asked to take Brucie and his ladies there during a "Heli Rides" activity with him.
  • The Church is quite obviously based on Trinity Church, located in Manhatten, New York.
  • Behind the church is a small grave yard, the only one in Algonquin.
  • If Niko takes Kate to the church in Mr. and Mrs. Bellic, she will mention the events of Undertaker and jokingly question if the shooting might occur again, coincidentally this is exactly what happens.

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