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Supply & Demand
Tommy Vercetti meeting Lance Vance in the jetty at the back of Ricardo Diaz' mansion
Game: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
For: Ricardo Diaz
Location: Diaz's Mansion, Starfish Island
Target: Freelancer's Boat
Conditions of mission failure:
Lance dies
Squalo destroyed
Cubans reach the yacht
Unlocks: Death Row
Unlocked by: The Fastest Boat
"Each month a freelancer sails into Vice City and moors his yacht. He sells his cargo to the first boat..."
Ricardo Diaz

Supply & Demand is the final mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by drug baron Ricardo Diaz from his mansion in Starfish Island, Vice City



Some freelancer moors his yacht into Vice City every month. The yacht is referred to as "The Drugboat", since the freelancer sells drugs from that boat. However, he only sells his cargo to the first customers to arrive in his yacht, and Diaz wants Tommy and Lance Vance to be those first buyers.

The Mission

This mission is divided in two parts:

Drug Rush - In the first part, the player will need to use the Squalo obtained in the previous mission to get to the freelancer's yacht. There are two paths with the left path being better since it's shorter and has more space to steer. Avoid hitting walls or other boats since if either are hit too hard, Lance will get knocked into the water and the mission will fail. Once you make it to "The Drugboat", the second part of the mission begins.

Defend The Cargo - In the second part, Lance will take the wheel and you will have to defend the cargo from other buyers by shooting incoming enemies. First, two Cubans in Jetmax boats will attack you. Kill the gunmen and then kill the drivers or just blow up the boat, then several gunmen will appear on jetties, kill them and blow up the red barrels near them to wipe them out faster. Eventually, a Sparrow will come after you, it's easier to shot the Sparrow until it blows up than to kill the gunman or the driver. Finally, when you approach Diaz's Mansion, two more boats will appear ahead, blow them up before you reach them, since if you reach them, they will shoot from up close, and if you're not quick enough, they will deal severe damage to the boat. When Lance stops at Diaz's Mansion, the mission is complete.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Go to the fastest boat at the jetty
  • Beat the other buyers to the yacht
  • Protect the yacht while Lance drives it back to the mansion

Post-Mission Phone Call

Lance Vance: Yo, Tommy! It's Lance.

Tommy Vercetti: Yeah?

Lance Vance: Oh, nice to hear from you, Lance. Come on, man, be cool, be cool.

Tommy Vercetti: I'm in the middle of something. What do you want?

Lance Vance: Nothing. Just to say, you know. Look Tommy, we can do this thing. You and me, no problem. You know what I mean?

Tommy Vercetti: We're going have to do it, 'cause otherwise, we're going to be dead, Lance. We're in too far now. But thanks for the call. I'll speak to you later.

Tips and Tricks

  • Don't shoot blindly with the Ruger during the second part of the mission, as it is possible to shoot and kill Lance with it, or damage the boat. 
  • It is not necessary to pass through any of the other checkpoints to complete the mission, so don't follow the other boats through the narrow winding channel East of Leaf Links. Simply run North in the main channel at top speed, pass East through the real channel around the north of Leaf Links and beware of the false channel trap to easily be the first to enter the closing final checkpoint and score the shipment.
  • An RPG grenade launcher can quickly eliminate the two chase boats, or fire other ammo at the hulls until they catch fire to save your ammo until they explode. Move forward and target the jetties ahead, docks on the right and bridges overhead.


  • The song that can be heard playing in the background during the boat cutscene is "Dance Hall Days" by Wang Chung. The song is also featured on the in-game radio station Flash FM.
  • Due to manning an unlimited ammo Ruger assault rifle in the second half of the mission, the player will lose the M4 or any Ruger ammo that they have accumulated so far.
  • Inputting weapon cheats during the shooting section can cause the Ruger to be replaced with the M4, which can make the mission easier to complete as the M4 has a greater rate of fire.
  • The Desert Eagle in the first cutscene, after Diaz shoots the VCR, sounds like the Beretta in the first Max Payne, another Rockstar Games title.
  • Ricardo Diaz mentions El Burro, a character in Grand Theft Auto III that never showed his face.


Video Walkthroughs

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