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Sweet's Girl
Sweet attempting to kill a member of the Seville Boulevard Families and to protect his girlfriend
Game: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
For: Sweet
Location: Ganton, Los Santos
Target: Seville Boulevard Families members
Conditions of mission failure:
Player's death
Sweet's death
Sweet's Girlfriend's death
Unlocks: Cesar Vialpando
Unlocked by: Drive-By
"She's got a sister, CJ, you want her number?"
— Sweet offering Carl his girlfriend sister.

Sweet's Girl is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, given to protagonist Carl Johnson by his brother Sweet Johnson from his house in Ganton, Los Santos.


Carl Johnson drops by Sweet's house, however, he realizes that nobody is there. He heads outside and suddenly Sweet calls. He tells Carl that while visiting his girlfriend in Playa del Seville, Seville Boulevard Families gang members have pinned him down and ambushed him. Carl rushes towards Sweet and kills all the Seville Boulevard gang members before being called by Sweet again who tells him to get a four door car. Carl finds one and both Sweet and his girlfriend enter the car as three more Seville Boulevard gang cars start chasing them. Carl gets them to safety in Ganton and decides that they need to put an end to the "green on green" war.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Get over to Sweet before the Seville Boulevard set finish him off
  • The Seville Boulevard Families have Sweet surrounded in his girl's flat. Take those Seville boys out
  • Fetch a four door car to pick up Sweet and his girl
  • Get back to your hood


The reward for completing this mission is increased respect. The mission Cesar Vialpando is also unlocked.

Tips and Tricks

  • Although Sweet recommends picking up a pistol from Emmet's place, the mission is easier to complete if the player has taken the time to stock up on stronger guns from the various spawn points around Los Santos and Red County.
  • The Seville Boulevard Families gang members will not shoot at the player until they are shot; thus, if the player has obtained satchel charges before the mission, it is possible to place satchel charges on all the gang members and kill them all at once.



Video walkthroughs

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GTA San Andreas - Mission 8 - Sweet's Girl (HD)

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