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Taco Van
A Taco Van in GTA V
(Rear quarter view)
Vehicle type Commerical Vehicle
Body style Multi-stop truck
Capacity 1 (driver)
Appearance(s) Grand Theft Auto V
Manufacturer Brute
Related vehicle(s) Boxville


"Kill that Hunger"
―Side of Taco Van

The Brute Taco Van is a commercial vehicle in GTA V.

Design & Description

The Taco Van is an extended variant of the Boxville, replacing the Mr. Tasty from the previous games. The ice cream trucks were replaced by the taco van, which is popular in Los Angeles. Unlike the Mr Tasty, the taco van lacks a jingle bell or a unique horn, having a random ordinary horn, and despite being very large, it only carries the driver.

The name of the joint, according to the menu list is Attack-a-taco, and it serves these Mexican dishes:

  • Tacos/Burritos/Tortas (sandwiches). De asada (steak), Picadillo (mince meat), Carnitas (Mexican style pork), Barbacoa (Mexican barbecued lamb), Lengua (Ox tongue), Pancita (Ox belly), Buche.
  • Quesadillas.
  • Tostadas (deep fried tortillas).
  • Sodas and Juices.


Much like the Boxville, the Taco Van is a rear wheel drive heavy vehicle, with a Turbo-diesel V8 engine,strong enough to drive at moderate top speeds, but the heavier weight make the acceleration slower than the boxville, and it is highly dangerous to turn at high speeds, as it rolls very easily.




  • None of the Mexican dishes listed in the menu can be sold in the Taco Van.
  • This Van replaces the Mr. Tasty, because ice cream vans are not as common in Los Angeles as taco vans are.

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