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Playboy X and Dwayne Forge aren't members of North Holland Hustlers

Yes, they are not and I can't understand why people thought they are in the first place. I already mentioned this matter in my big announcement for editors of GTA Wikia here , and I want to repeat, that the situation with black gangs in Liberty City is remain very unclear in this Wikia.

Playboy X and Dwayne Forge weren't mentioned by Police Database as the members of North Holland Hustlers. Jayvon Simson and Marlon Bridges were, but they're both enemies of Playboy X and Dwayne Forge. It's even safe to say, that the whole North Holland Hustlers crew is the big rival of Playboy X, not his gang and not even his ally. That's why he has ordered the hit on Marlon Bridges, because of rivalry and competition. It's even mentioned in police record on Marlon, when he's called too ambitious.

Another important point, is that not every black criminal in North Holland is member of North Holland Hustlers. As the name imples, it's just outlaw business group, not the large crime syndicate. There are a lot of different independent black gangs and crews in Liberty City, as I already said here.

North Holland Hustlers are probably even smaller then East Holland Drug Gang. We don't know anything about their numbers, except two known members.

I don't want to start the edit war, so let's discuss this new information first. I'll be very glad to hear all opinions, facts and arguments.

Thank you al in advance, your Orto Dogge (talk) 17:12, March 4, 2014 (UTC)

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