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|dod =
|dod =
|home = Nickel St., [[Middle Park]]
|home = Nickel St., [[Middle Park]]
|nationality = [[British|United Kingdom]]
|nationality = [[United Kingdom|British]]
|affiliations = [[Maisonette 9]]<br>[[Luis Lopez]]
|affiliations = [[Maisonette 9]]<br>[[Luis Lopez]]
|vehicles =
|vehicles =

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Appearance(s): The Ballad of Gay Tony
Full name: Tania
Gender: Female
Home: Nickel St., Middle Park
Nationality: British
Main affiliation: Maisonette 9
Luis Lopez

Tania is a character in The Ballad of Gay Tony and a female resident of Liberty City. She frequently dances at the Maisonette 9 club where, depending on the players choice, she can meet and dance with Luis Fernando Lopez. Tania, if impressed with Luis' abilities, agrees to have sex with Luis and later gives him her number.


Tania lives in an apartment building on Nickel st., south of Middle Park.


  • After getting Tania's number, it is possible for the player to call her and meet up for a booty call. Doing it will refill Luis' health and automatically save the game.

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