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In Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online, television has been extensivly changed. Like their predecessor, players can view fictional TV channels complete with their own programs. There are many new features brought with it that feature in single player, and multiplayer. 



In single player, TV stays practically the same as it was in Grand Theft Auto IV. It doesn't affect the gameplay in any way, and it's only function is being a pastime. The number of viewable TV shows has been expanded and now the player can watch television even if he is not siting in one place. Sometimes, when the player switch to some of the characters, he can be found watching television in his house.

GTA Online

If a player gets invited to another player's apartment, the player owning the apartment can tune into CCTV on their television in their room to see who is at the door. Also, since Police Mavericks now have cameras on the front, if another player has a high wanted level and is being chased by the police, the player in their apartment can watch the police chase in-game live by tuning in to Weazel News. However, this system seems to randomly choose a player, since many players may have a wanted rating too.

Viewable Programs


Weazel is a parody of Fox Broadcasting Company and features the following programing:


CNT is a parody of CNN or TNT and features the following programing:

Mentioned Programs


  • In GTA V, "live action" TV shows and commercials, as well as movies, all appear to have been created by Rockstar Games in either the GTA V map, or on previous Rockstar Games titles (such as GTA San Andreas, L.A.Noire, GTA IV or Red Dead Redemption) as opposed to how some forms of media in GTA IV were filmed/created on "test maps" (The Men's Room, Venturas Poker Challenge, etc).
  • A new episode of Princess Robot Bubblegum was cut from the final game, the name of the voice actors from the episode can still be seen in the final credits of the game.

You can, however, see this episode on Next-Gen

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