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Infobox vehicles

The following code will display the infobox illustrated to the right. The list of available inputs are provided below:

(Rear quarter view).
Vehicle class (GTA V) vehicle_class
Vehicle type vehicle_type
Body style body_style
Capacity capacity
Appearance(s) appearances
Manufacturer manufacturer
Price price
How/Where to get it getting_it
Related vehicle(s) related

{{Infobox vehicles
| name = Name of vehicle.
| front_image = Filename of lead image, or image illustrating the front quarter view of a vehicle (i.e. "Imagename.jpg").
| image_size = Image size in pixels. Insert number only. The default width is 300 pixels.
| caption = Caption for lead image.
| rear_image = Filename of alternate image, usually a rear quarter image.
| vehicle_class = Vehicle class in GTA V (i.e. Super, Sports, Off-road, etc).
| vehicle_type = Vehicle type (i.e. Civilian, law enforcement, military, public service; car/sports car/muscle car, truck, bus, bicycle/motorcycle, boat, etc).
| body_style = Vehicle type in detail, including number of doors and body design (2-door sedan, 2-door garbage truck, 4-door station wagon). This field is not needed for buses, motorcycles, bicycles, low-powered vehicles, watercraft and aircraft
| capacity = Number of occupants the vehicle can carry, including driver and passenger.
| manufacturer = Manufacturer of the vehicle. Usually applicable for vehicles in HD Universe, although a handful of examples out the game exist.
| price = The amount of money required to buy the vehicle in GTA V and GTA Online.
| getting_it = How or where can you get it. Only for vehicles that never spawns in the game but spawns during a mission. Or when you have other stuffs.
| appearances = List of games which the vehicle appear in.
| related = What vehicles that is related to.

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