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Temple, Los Santos, as viewed to the northeast in GTA San Andreas.

Temple Map

Temple location

Temple is a district of Los Santos, San Andreas. This middle-income neighborhood is surrounded by the districts of Downtown Los Santos, Market, Mulholland and Vinewood. There are several housing complexes and several businesses located here.

Gang control

Temple was ever a stronghold for the Temple Drive Families set of the Grove. Which was also an enemy of the Grove set since the return from Carl Johnson to Los Santos. Later on the game, the both sets were united again and fought together in a war against the Ballas near Temple, which resulted in the arrest from GSF leader Sean Johnson and the full decline of the GSF. Temple fell into Ballas hands during the middle of the game and after the mission Home Coming, the player can acquire Temple as a GSF territory again.





  • Temple used to be called Sunnyside however it was renamed for unknown reasons, the police scanner still refers to it as Sunnyside.
  • The smallest Gang turf is in Temple, which is on a 24-7.

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