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The Bus Assassination
The Bus Assassination-Mission-GTAV
Game: Grand Theft Auto V
For: Lester Crest
Location: Downtown, Los Santos
Protagonist(s): Franklin Clinton
Target: Name Unknown
Conditions of mission failure:
Player Death
Target Lost
Unlocks: Unknown
Unlocked by: Unknown
"Attention all passengers! Hold on to your fucking seats!"
Franklin Clinton.

The Bus Assasination is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Franklin Clinton by Lester Crest.


Lester tells Franklin that a man will be getting on a Bus and that he needs Franklin to kill him. Franklin gets a Bus and starts stopping at Bus Stops picking up passengers. When he stops at the targets Bus Stop, the target senses something is wrong and makes a run for it. Franklin then chases and kills the target. A quick phone call to Lester ends the mission. Players should be aware of the LSPD, for in this mission, officers can be found walking the streets on foot. Police can also be found patrolling the streets in their cars. If a cop car is hit, or a cop/pedestrian is hit, a wanted level star is received, making mission progress more challenging. An easy way to complete the level is to drive like a normal civilian and watch out for crossing pedestrians. 

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission, the player must:

  • Collect the Bus from the Bus Station
  • Stop at each Bus Stop until the target is found
  • Assassinate the target
  • Leave the area


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