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The Final Job! (Downtown District)

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The Final Job! (Downtown District)
Game: Grand Theft Auto 2
For: Unknown ally of Claude's
Location: Downtown District, Anywhere City
Target: Elmo, Trey Welsh and Johnny Zoo
Conditions of mission failure:
Player character death
Residential District
Unlocked by: Completion of All jobs with all gangs

For other uses, see The Final Job!

The Final Job is the last mission in Grand Theft Auto 2.


Claude, who has been working for Johnny Zoo's Yakuza, Trey Welsh's Zaibatsu Corporation, and Elmo's Loonies at the same time and has been weakening all of the gangs, is finally targeted by all three gangs. Claude kills the three gang leaders, the last of his employers.

Video Walkthrough

Grand Theft Auto 2 Job 66 - FINAL JOB!!!-141068228903:25

Grand Theft Auto 2 Job 66 - FINAL JOB!!!-1410682289

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