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The Final Job!
Game: Grand Theft Auto 2
For: Ally of Claude's
Location: Industrial District,Anywhere City
Target: Uno Carb, Jerkov and Sunbeam
Conditions of mission failure:


Unlocks: Game Ending
Unlocked by: Completion of every mission
For other uses, see The Final Job!

The Final Job is the final mission in Grand Theft Auto II taking place in the Industrial District.


After discovering Claude's treachery and that his been using them all along, the gang leaders are ticked and are now in the district to personally take care of Claude. Each antagonist appears in their respective cars: Uno in a Z-Type, Sunbeam in a Karma Bus and Jerkov in a Bulwark. And each will be equipped with their best weapons. Uno with a Rocket Launcher, Sunbeam with a Flame Thrower and Jerkov with a Machine Gun. Each boss will have their own level of difficulty to take out, but Claude manages to outsmart them all. Killing them in any possible way. Once all dead the city will go into a the Chaos-state. The Player must go through all of them back to their safehouse to exit the game or they can stick around and abuse the situation.


  • Jerkov - Murdered by Claude in self-defence or by the other gang leaders
  • Sunbeam - Murdered by Claude in self-defence or by the other gang leaders
  • Uno Carb - Murdered by Claude in self-defence or by the other gang leaders


  • This final mission has the least assigned kills.
  • Players can exploit the gang leaders hatred towards another and make them kill each other.
  • Easiest way to the defeat them is to let them get out of their car and plough them over.

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