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Gerald desmond bridge

The Gerald Desmond Bridge in-game.

The Elysian Freeway Bridge is a unnamed bridge that carries part of the Elysian Fields Freeway. It is featured in Grand Theft Auto V as one of the game's main bridges. The bridge is named after the real-life Gerald Desmond Bridge in Los Angeles, California, on which the in-game bridge is based on.


The bridge is a large through arch bridge. It has a large steel arch structure that begins at the base of the bridge, and then the top rises above the deck, so the deck passes through it.


  • When you drive on the bridge, the name doesn't change to the name of the bridge and is still Elysian Fields Freeway but the neighborhoods change from Terminal to Cypress Flats (or vice versa) when you drive across the bridge.
  • A wall-breach glitch can be done using this bridge, letting the player fall into water that is under solid land.


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