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The Hotel Assassination
Game: Grand Theft Auto V
For: Lester
Location: Vespucci Beach
Target: Brett Lowrey
Conditions of mission failure: Player cover was blown
Target escaped
Reward: $9,000
3671 Whispymound Drive is available
Protagonist(s): Franklin
Unlocks: Blitz Play
The Multi Target Assassination
Unlocked by: Fame or Shame

The Hotel Assassination is the first assassination mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Franklin Clinton by Lester Crest.


Lester orders Franklin to kill Brett Lowrey, CEO of Bilkinton Research, while Lowrey is leaving the Von Crastenburg Hotel in Richman. Lester suggests two ways in which this can be accomplished: by shooting Lowrey with a sniper rifle or by destroying Lowrey's car (with Lowrey inside) with a sticky bomb. Regardless of how the player chooses to kill the target, once Lowrey is dead, Franklin must escape the scene and any resulting wanted level. Once this is accomplished, the mission ends. Post-mission, Franklin then calls Lester to confirm that the job is done. As Franklin lets Lester know whenever the next assassination job is, Lester tells Franklin of how his investment portfolio is getting a "little successful." Lester figured that tangible assets would be the best investment, so he bought a house in Vinewood Hills. Also, that he needed someone to live there due to tax purposes. So, Franklin came into mind, and Lester told him that all of his stuff was being moved in from his aunt's house to the new property. Franklin was surprised and estatic that Lester was giving him an entire property for free, as well as feeling relieved, for not having to live with his crazed aunt Denise, ever again. Franklin thanks Lester, though Lester didn't need for him to thank. Lester then lets Franklin enjoy his new safehouse, 3671 Whispymound Drive.

Mission objectives

  • Go to the hotel.
  • Wait for the target appear.
  • Assassinate the target.
  • Leave the area.
  • Lose the cops. (Only if you have been spotted)

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Sniper Boy - Kill the target using a Sniper Rifle


Public Liberty Online Newsaper

"The Betta Pharmaceuticals share price is on the rise, following the news that Brett Lowrey, CEO of Bilkinton Research - the company behind the new erectile dysfunction wonder drug Priapol - has been murdered in Los Santos. Mr. Lowrey's business practices had come under scrutiny in recent days following widespread reports of heart attacks from Priapol users and accusations that Bilkinton had paid off the FDA. The LSPD has said that a full investigation into his death will be underway within hours.


The reward is $9,000. Thanks to Lester, Franklin now owns a new safehouse in Vinewood Hills, the 3671 Whispymound Drive. Franklin's previous safehouse is turned into a "center for women" by Denise Clinton, and the interior and garage are no longer accessible to the player.

Stock Tip

  • Pre-mission preparation:
    • Have Trevor complete all the Vinewood Souvenirs side missions up to Vinewood Souvenirs - The Last Act and accept Al Di Napoli's $10,000 offer and complete all the Bail Bond missions by capturing all the targets alive adding together with a total payout of $50,000.
    • Have Michael initiate a conversation in a random encounter with the Epsilon cult member in Rockford Hills, visit the Epsilon Website, click on the link to "evaluate yourself" there to trigger their missions, complete all The Truth side missions and betray them in Unknowing the Truth to earn a payout of $2,100,000.
    • Make sure it's Monday, if not, keep slepping with any of the protagonists numerous times to advance the time to Monday. (Trevor can sleep for 12 hours)
    • Invest all the money of all three protagonists in Betta Pharmaceuticals stocks on the Bawsaq site.
  • Post-mission
    • Wait a couple of in-game hours before selling the stocks, so they can reach his maximum value. Just keep sleeping. 
    • The maximimum porcentage of return here is about 80%, after reaching this value it will start to drop. Switch to all three protagonists and sell all their stocks. 
    • Immediately invest all 3 characters' money in Bilkinton Research, whose share price has cratered, but which will return to its pre-assassination level in 2 or 3 game days for a second tidy profit.

Note: save the game in a different slot before doing this mission, so you can reload in case anything goes wrong.

The Dollar Pills stock is a alternative, in case the player is unable to access the Bawsaq site, just do as explained above and you should get a porcentage of return of 100% with the Dollar Pills.


  • Any cars parked in the Franklin's previous safehouse will be lost so storing them in a separate garage will be beneficial. If the player has only one vehicle parked in their garage then it is best to use it as the getaway vehicle for the mission and driving it into Franklin's new garage. (However, if Franklin parks the vehicle too close to Lester's mission trigger point, the vehicle will disappear.
  • If the player switches from Franklin to either Trevor or Michael and then back to Franklin, it will instantly bring the player into the cutscene of Franklin being informed by Lester that Franklin has a new safehouse, and the game is introducing the player to Franklin's new safehouse.
  • Besides the news about Lowrey's death, there's also a news article from Daily Globe about a lawsuit against Redwood Cigarettes. This is a foreshadowing of the events of the next assassination mission.
  • The player needs to be careful on where they escape because if the player is careless, Franklin might end up going to the wrong exit thus receiving 2 wanted levels.
  • Franklin can take the FIB Granger if he chooses to snipe the target. Since it's a police vehicle, you'll need to put it into your new Garage.
  • This is the only assassination mission that must be completed to progress the story, (since Franklin gets a new safehouse and must choose the final missions) the other assassination missions can be done after completing the story.
  • It is best to do Three's Company before this mission, as it will give Franklin a free Heavy Sniper, meaning that the player can invest more money from the jewelry store heist.


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