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Jizzy's Pleasure Domes

"The premium place for adult entertainment. That most adult form entertainment - Shoving money down strangers panties."
— GTA San Andreas Website.

Jizzy's Pleasure Domes is a private strip club in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, located at Battery Point in San Fierro, underneath the San Fierro end of the Gant Bridge.

It is owned and operated by Jizzy B.. It has a large interior with more than one floor. The Pleasure Domes served as a base of operations for the Loco Syndicate until their disbanding in 1992. The place is notorious for being the main headquarters for Jizzy's prostitution ring and keeping drug dealers as its main customers.

The Pleasure Domes interior is not accessible before Jizzy. The Pleasure Domes is based on Fort Point in San Francisco, California.

Storyline Missions

Jizzy B.'s Missions

Carl Johnson's  Missions



  • "Pleasure Domes" is innuendo for breasts, as they are dome shaped, and the establishment is a strip club.
  • The building is only enterable in the mission Ice Cold Killa, although the opened window on the roof remains opened throughout the rest of the game.
  • Jizzy is derived from the word 'Jizz', a term for semen.
  • Jizzy's Pleasure is a sexual terminology for the pleasure that men experience during ejaculation.


There is a glitch in which you can reacces the interior by starting a new game in the scene where tenepenny's cruiser stops at the train type the jetpack cheat rocketman and wait till the game starts you will be wasted and will respawn at the nearest hospital now all usual interiors along with jizzy's pleasure domes is open but be carefull type aezakmi{no police cheat} before entering or you will gain a four star wanted level

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