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The Professionals
Games: Grand Theft Auto Online
Locations: La Puerta Apartments
Leader: The Boss
Type: Professional Crime Network
Crime Syndicate
Enemies: GTA Online Protagonist
Madrazo Cartel
Affiliations: FIB
The Lost MC
Colors: Black
Vehicles: Fugitive
Bati 801
Weapons: Pistol
Pump Shotgun
Assault Rifle
Carbine Rifle
Businesses: Drug dealing
Arms smuggling
Private security
Members: The Boss

The Professionals are a crime syndicate featured in Grand Theft Auto Online.


As their name implies, they are a professional group of criminals that deal in drug trafficking and arms smuggling. They operate all throughout San Andreas. The Professionals appear in several missions and Gang Attacks.

The Professionals appear to be a drug-distribution network, dealing with various other gangs such as the Ballas, the Vagos, and The Lost. The Professionals seem to be affiliated with the Federal Investigation Bureau as well. They are in control of many different fronts, including the Mile High Club construction site, as seen in a Gang Attack.

The Professionals also seem to be providing courier and bodyguard services for a variety of valuable employers, thus making them potential competitors of Merryweather Security Consulting. Gerald describes them as "professional-type dudes" in text messages. Lester, in one text message debriefing a mission, describes them as an "ex-military unit." Judging from dialogue during shootouts, they are apparently ex-United States Marines, sometimes shouting "I'm a fucking marine!" or, "Semper fi!" the motto of the Marine Corps, though this might be an oversight as well since they share their quotes with the military. This makes them even more similar to Merryweather, as Merryweather operatives are former servicemen as well.

The Professionals dress in suits, sports coats, or leather jackets with business attire, and are multi-racial, with white, black, and Hispanic members. Some wear black leather gloves, adding even more to their look of stereotypical hitmen. Sometimes, they may be seen wearing black or white. The Professionals always drive all-black vehicles, ranging from sedans, like the Fugitives to Grangers. In some Online missions, they can be seen using Vapid Speedo's for transporting cargo and sometimes pursue the player on Bati 801's.


  • The gang takes its name from The Professionals, a British detective drama from the '70s and '80s.
  • The gang's name could also be a reference to the 1966 movie, also named The Professionals.
  • They also bear resemblance to the main group of antagonists in the movie Lethal Weapon, called Shadow Company.  Like the Professionals, they are ex-military operatives involved in the drug trade.

Mission Appearances

GTA Online



  • In GTA Online, if the player defeats them in five Gang Attacks within one session, they will put a bounty on his/her head. A man, presumably their leader, who goes by the name of, "The Boss", will send a threatening message prior to placing the hit - "You won't even see them coming".
  • In Capture Creator, the player can choose The Professionals as the "actors" in their custom jobs.
  • It seems by the events of story mode of GTA V that the Professionals have been wiped out, as there is no mention of them anywhere. However, their current status is unknown.
  • It is likely that the Professionals are only seen in GTA Online due to their generic, stereotypical "bad guy" image - thus making it easy to fit them into any mission. it simply would not fit if Rooftop Rumble had the player battling the Ballas, or if the adversaries in Stick Up the Stickup Crew were the Rednecks.


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