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The Snakehead.

The Snakehead is a character who appears as a minor character in GTA San Andreas. He is the leader of the Da Nang Boys, and is involved in human trafficking. During the mission The Da Nang Thang, he is killed by Carl Johnson. A seemingly unarmed Carl enters the bridge of the ship, where The Snakehead has been waiting. The Snakehead, himself armed with a katana, throws another to Carl, and engages him. Despite the player being given a Katana, the player can freely choose to shoot or beat Snakehead to death, although even dueling honourably with the Katana is very easy; if the player is accurate enough, it is possible to chop off his head in one slash.

Missions Appearances

GTA San Andreas


  • He shares the same model with the gym trainer from the Cobra Marital Arts Gym.
  • "Snakehead" (Chinese: 蛇頭; pinyin: shé tóu) is the Chinese term for gangs involved in smuggling people.
  • "Snakehead" may also be the Vietnamese version of "Dragon Head" (the leader of a Triad).
  • The Snakehead is often confused with the Old Oriental Gentleman, appeared in GTA III. However, is not possible, because Snakehead is killed in 1992 and the Old Gentlemen appears in 2001.


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