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"Reality finally gets real, and real cheap to make! On The Underbelly Of Paradise!"
CNT Announcer

The Underbelly Of Paradise is a TV show in GTA V, featured on CNT. The show is about an FIB agent named Steve Haines showing the crime side of Los Santos to the public. It seems to be a parody of many "reality" crime shows such as Cops.


The show depicts the crime life of Los Santos, introducing stories like Chinese weapon smuggling operations, and the arrest of a half naked man high. It also shows several gangs of the city, such as Los Santos VagosThe FamiliesBallas and The Lost Brotherhood. They also mention a new drug called Toilet Cleaner. It also covers the murder of Leonora Johnson and all the possible theories involving her death, ranging from celebrities, or the city major to Aliens. The show also shows accidental murders done by DUI drivers.


  • At one point, a man is holding up a sign that reads "Down with this sort of thing", a reference to the show Father Ted.
  • After Steve's death in The Third Way, Dave Norton becomes the show's new host. Unfortunately, there's no episode of him during the course of the game.


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