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The waste ground on the Map

The Waste Ground is the large, demolished area behind The Doherty Garage located at Doherty, San Fierro. It has an accessible wrecking ball crane, and three burned and destroyed bases of buildings. The Waste Ground is the believed by some to be the area where the recent earthquake struck because there is much damage to the Doherty area. In the mission Deconstruction, CJ has to bury a construction foreman in a hole for insulting Kendl. Mostly all of the area is construction material. You can obtain a Chainsaw, a Pool Cue, a Flamethrower, and in the mission Snail Trail a Sniper Rifle can be found in one of the pipes near the crane. The roof of one of the destroyed buildings also can be used as a ramp, although it is not a Unique Stunt Jump. It is also possible that, due to there being trailers placed by FinalBuild Construction and the crane with an attached wrecking ball, that The Waste Ground is just a demolition site. After the mission Deconstruction there will be a large cement patch on the ground where you buried the foreman.

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