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ThriftEX Logo
Name: ThriftEX
Type: Electronic Manufacturer
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto IV
Grand Theft Auto V

ThriftEX is a company featured in the HD Universe.


It appears to be a manufacturer of electronics, like Kakagawa and Panoramic. It produces a wide range of products and has shipping containers throughout Liberty City and Alderney State. In Grand Theft Auto V, ThriftEX containers can be found at the Port of Los Santos, and in industrial areas around San Andreas.

Products (A-Z Order)

  • ThriftEX Coffee Machine (IV)
  • ThriftEX Computer (IV)
  • ThriftEX Printer (IV)
  • ThriftEX DVD Player (IV)
  • ThriftEX Gender Roll Doll (IV)
  • ThriftEX Headphones (IV) (V)
  • ThriftEX Modern Coffee Machine (IV)
  • ThriftEX Refrigerator (V)
  • ThriftEX Small Television (IV)
  • ThriftEX Shredder (IV)
  • ThriftEX Television (IV)



  • The name of the company is likely based on FedEX.
  • ThriftEX makes cheap products, so the name is making fun of their product quality (hence the "thrift" in the name).
  • The ThriftEX containers can be picked up using Cargobob if they are individual.

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