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Tommy Francovic

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Tommy Francovic
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto IV
Full name: Tommy Francovic
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Place of birth: Unknown
Date of death: 2008
Home: Castle Garden City, Algonquin
Main affiliation: Russian Mafia
Petrovic Bratva (possibly)
Vehicle(s): NRG 900
Voiced by: None

Tommy Francovic is, in 2008, a criminal in Liberty City who is wanted by the LCPD for racketeering. He is killed by Niko Bellic.

He is most likely a member of the Russian Mafia though it is never stated nor is it said which family or bratva he belongs to. However, he is quite possibly now a member of the Petrovic Family as the strongest and only surviving bratva after the events of GTA IV and it's episodes.

However he may not be affiliated with the Russian Mafia at all and may simply be an independent Russian criminal.

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  • The Russian form of his name, by which he is likely called by other Russian criminals, is Foma (pronounced: Famá) making his full name Foma Francovic. It is likely he uses the anglicized version of his name to blend in better.


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