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Tongva Drive is a road in the undeveloped part of Tongva Valley and Banham Canyon, Los Santos County. The road extends to Richman Street in the affluent and rich neighborhood of Richman, and becomes known as Zancudo Road after the street Zancudo Barranca. A sports bike theft takes place on the road as part of a Random Event

Tongva Drive is almost assuredly GTA's equivalent of the famous Topanga Canyon Blvd., which runs north from Malibu to Woodland Hills on the north side of the Santa Monica Mountains. The name Topanga was given to this area by the Tongva indians, and is believed to mean "a place above", in reference to the mountainous terrain. The real life Topanga Canyon has a strong history of attracting actors and recording artists like Neil Young and Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys. Tongva Drive is much closer to Los Santos than Topanga Canyon is to Los Angeles, but the road has a stature worthy of tribute.  

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