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For the clothing company, see Tree.

Trees or a Tree, is a plant with a large
Redwood Tree grove in GTA San Andreas
Sasquatch101Added by Sasquatch101
stem or "trunk" that supports large limbs called branches that in turn have leaves. Trees have appeared in every GTA game since GTA III. Trees are indestructable to the player and can not be destroyed nor damaged. In some GTA games such as GTA SA, trees grow naturally in the wilderness. There are many different species of trees in the GTA games, ranging from the towering redwoods in GTA San Andreas to the stalky, leafy maple trees found predomainetly throughout GTA IV.

LIst of tree species found in the GTA series

  • Redwood Tree (Found only in GTA San Andreas & GTA V)
  • Maple Tree (Found in GTA IV, GTA San Andreas)
  • Oak Tree (Foundin GTA IV, GTA San Andreas)
  • Palm Tree (Found in GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City, GTA V)
  • Sycamore Tree (Found only in GTA IV)
  • Pine Tree (Found in GTA IV, GTA San Andreas)


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