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Not to be confused with Trevor's Teaser Trailer.
Trevor's Trailer

Trevor's Trailer

Also Known as: Corrugated Metal Death Shack (by Michael)
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto Online
House Style: Trailer
Garage/Parking space Capacity: One car or two motorcycles
Occupant(s): Trevor Phillips
Michael De Santa (temporarily)
Patricia Madrazo (temporarily)
Unlocked After: Mr. Philips
 Trevor's trailer is a safehouse in Grand Theft Auto V.


Located in a rubble-strewn lot on the northeastern edge of the depressed desert community of Sandy Shores at Zancudo Avenue, this double-wide mobile home is Trevor Philips' first and primary residence. The smallest of the game's available safehouses, the interior is divided into three sections: a large living area which takes up the majority of the trailer and contains a table, countertop, working television and radio (which is tuned to Los Santos Rock Radio), a small bedroom at the rear where Trevor's wardrobe and bed are located, and a miniscule restroom across from the main entrance which contains a health pack. The trailer is extremely untidy, but goes through various stages of cleanliness as the story progresses. Following the murder of Johnny Klebitz, The Lost MC ransack the trailer in retaliation. Following Trevor's kidnapping of Patricia Madrazo, he, Patricia and Michael lay low in the trailer, and Patricia spends her time tidying the trailer. By the time she leaves, the trailer is practically spotless, but quickly reverts to its "normal" untidy state, and Cockroaches can be seen in the enhanced version. The right side of the exterior has a prefabricated patio leading up to the main entrance, while over on the left side is a cluttered two-car garage. 

Notable Occupants


Mission Appearances


Strangers And Freaks Missions

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  • Although Trevor is the trailer's owner, he receives frequent unannounced visits from his friend Ron Jakowski. He can often be found around the trailer's yard and bemoaning his perpetual sad state.
  • This is the only safehouse that can used by two different protagonists, including accessing the vehicles parked in the garage.
  • Franklin is the only protagonist who cannot enter the trailer.
  • If the player visits Trevor's trailer as a different protagonist they can sometimes see Trevor outside his garage with a bottle of whiskey, drunk and throwing Grenades. The player cannot interact with Trevor whilst he is doing this.
    • If the player switches to Trevor while he is doing this, the bottle of whiskey will be gone and he will be sober.
    • Also, when Michael is living there he can sometimes be found chatting with Patricia inside the trailer. Similarly, he also cannot be interacted with. 
  • A glitch can occur if the player has a vehicle parked in the garage next to the trailer. If the player presses the Triangle/Y button, they may be automatically warped inside the vehicle. 
  • Due to a strange issue, if the player stores any bike or motorcycle in the garage, there's a point where these vehicles are located at the left side of the garage's interior. While this was supposed to be easy for a bike/car or motorcycle/car storage, is a bit annoying with 2 bikes/motorcycles, as both are very close each other and one of them will stuck, being even unable to get in the vehicle. Is possible to free that stuck vehicle, but requires taking out the second vehicle and pushing the stuck one. 
  • Despite technically being a prisoner, Patricia Madrazo may occasionally be found outside the trailer, tending the garden. There may also be occasions where she isn't present at all, though Trevor and Michael do not seem concerned by this.
  • There is a case of Pisswasser on the living room table that Trevor can partake from repeatedly, although it is unavailable whilst the table is overturned (between the biker attack and Patricia's tidying).  
  • On the table on the porch is a rolled-up sock that Trevor can use to huff gas.
  • There is a second television in Trevor's sleeping quarters, across from his bed. This is unusable, however, as the screen was smashed at some point before Trevor is introduced.
  • In one of the character switch scenes involving Trevor, he can be found trying to flush a foot inside the trailer's toilet. The scene is depicted in the GTA V gameplay Trailer when they introduce Trevor, albeit with a different performance. While in the video he's cursing and making a mess trying to flush the foot, in the game he just stomps it in and says "bye bye foot". He might alternatively shout "Flush for fuck sakes"!
  • Mollis pills can be found on the table next to Trevor's bed.
  • While Michael is staying in Sandy Shores, he can only wear a dusty gray suit unless the player buys more clothes.
  • In the trailer, a calendar next to the front door is open to the month of August.
  • All cars that are stored in the garage will become dirty over time, even after leaving them to be repaired. The closest way to clean them is by going to the Los Santos Customs on Route 68.
  • From the outside, it can be seen that the trailer is longer towards the west side than the interior dimensions show. This is because of an extra compartment of the trailer beyond Trevor's bedroom, which would be accessible only from an exterior door further down from the "main" front door. This could possibly be a small space reserved for Ron. However, the player is unable to access it themselves.
  • Strangely, if the player returns directly after Monkey Business, the trailer will already be a mess again

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