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For the business, see Trevor Philips Enterprises
Trevor Philips Industries
Game: Grand Theft Auto V
For: Tao Cheng
Location: Yellow Jack Inn, Sandy Shores
Target: Varrios Los Aztecas
Conditions of mission failure: Wasted
Chef dies
Abandoning the lab
The translator dies
Tao dies
Reward: Tao Cheng as a contact for Trevor
Grenade Launcher available at Ammu-Nation
Hatchet available at Ammu-Nation (PS4, XB1 & PC versions)
Unlocks: Crystal Maze
Unlocked by: Mr. Philips
Translator: "We hear that Trevor Philips Corporation is serious business. We pay good price. Things work out, we partner. Make big money."
Trevor: "Well...Let me show you the operation."
Trevor Philips and Cheng's translator, discussing business

Trevor Philips Industries is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Trevor Philips by Tao Cheng and his translator.


Trevor meets Tao Cheng (who is high on drugs) and his translator at a bar. Shortly afterwards, Trevor receives a call from Chef, warning him that the Aztecas are on their way to Trevor's meth lab in order to kill Trevor and destroy his business.

Trevor arrives at the lab and locks Cheng and his translator in a freezer. Chef and Trevor rush into the lab just in time before waves of Aztecas start to descend on the meth lab.

If Ortega was spared, he will join in on the Aztecas assault, but is killed by Trevor in the process. After the shootout, Trevor releases Cheng and his translator from the freezer. Cheng's translator gets in a car with Cheng, claiming he has seen "quite enough", and he and Cheng drive off.


Mission Objectives

  • Go to Ace Liquor.
  • Defend the liquor store from the Aztecas.
  • Go to the front door and kill the remaining Aztecas.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Body Count - Kill 32 enemies.
    • Shoot all enemies, and instead of going to the interior of the store in the ending shootout, go outside onto the road and blow up the fleeing Phoenixes.
  • Unmarked - Complete with minimal damage to health and armor.
    • Keep cover during the fight.
  • Scrap Man - Destroy 6 Vehicles.
    • There are several gas canisters on the west side where the fight starts. At least four can be blown up here, and the two fleeing cars can be blown up as stated before at the end. Be careful on the east side if the player wishes to obtain a Phoenix.
  • Time - Complete within 4:30
    • Skip the cutscenes.


The Senora Beacon Newspaper

"Sandy Shores has been torn apart by violence once again after rival drug gangs clashed in a shootout at the Ace Liquor store, which is rumored to be a front for a drug manufacturing operation. If I had a dollar for every meth lab they'd found in Sandy Shores over the last decade, I'd probably be able to afford one of those fancy fiberglass roofs for my trailer by now. Remember the good old days in Blaine County before methamphetamine when people would let off steam by drinking themselves unconscious every night?"

Bleeter Posts

  • @lspapacarlos - "chinagadazo los varios aztecas got mad casulties at the alamo sea that shit gotta get put right"
  • @right4eva - "U read about that meth lab in sandy shores? Those redneck druggies can keep killin each other far as im concerned cancel out some of them babies they keep havin. Right?"

Weazel News

In hillbilly news, more violence at the Alamo Sea where local drug dealers clashed with chicano gang The Aztecas at the Ace Liquor store in Sandy Shores, which is an alleged front for a Methamphetamine manufacturing operation. Our reporter spoke to this man at the scene. "It was terrifying, I was really scared that it would affect the street price of crystal. I love smoking crystal."


  • Small snippets of this mission can be viewed in the second in-game trailer.
  • The truck that breaks through the gates can't be destroyed until it does so. 
  • This is one of the few occasions for the player to obtain a Phoenix, if the vehicles didn't explode during the mission.
  • When Trevor enters his Bodhi at the beginning of the mission, the radio will always be tuned to Soulwax FM and Tao Cheng will be dancing to whichever song is playing, suggesting that this could be his favorite radio station. He will also dance along if the radio is tuned to FlyLo FM or Non Stop Pop FM.
  • After Trevor traps Tao Cheng and his translator in the ice box and the shootout begins, the player can sometimes see that some of Ortega's men are in fact Vagos, and can be heard yelling things such as, "Vagos run this, bitch!" and "Oh, shit they got another Vago!". This is most likely a developer oversight. The same dialogue is heard in GTA Online missions that involve the Vagos.



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